Made it to Canada!!

Hola from Canadia!

So I’m here and I’m alive!  The Lord honestly knows me so well because
this is definitiley THE PLACE for me!  The landscape is so pretty here
and I can’t get over it.  The clouds here are amazing.  The landscape
is honestly like “Little House on the Prairie” status.  There is a lot
of open land and farms and everything.  I honestly think that we
should look into getting land here or at least visit as a family.
There are A LOT of red angus cows out here and they all look really
meaty and strong.  I haven’t seen one black angus yet.  oh yeah by the
way you should probably know where I am. My first area is Medicine
Hat!  It’s a very small town feel and there’s a wide variety of people
here….Canadians are pretty weird…but I love them!!!  I cover
Medicine Hat 1st ward and Bow Island first ward.  My trainer is…..a
freaking stud!!!  I honestly lucked out so much! His name is Elder
Ferrell and he is from Lone Peak.  He played basketball there and is
honestly the best trainer that they had for our incoming group.  He’s
been out here for just over five months and I don’t know where my
spirits would be right now if I didn’t end up with him.  My patience
was definitley worn out with my last companionship and I hope that his
trainer has a thicker skin than me.  It looks like we’ve got some
investigators set up for baptism but they still have a few issues to
resolve before hand but I could totally get quite a few baptisms in
this first transfer!! That would be insane!  There’s a few things here
in Canada that I’m trying to get used to…like their money,
kilometers per hour, they write dates like this “31/ May/2012″…stuff
like that.  The members here so far are fraking amazing!  I hope that
you got the email from bro and sister Picket! They were my first meal
with a member family and they were absolutely awesome!…by the way
we’re not allowed to say words like awesome, or guys or legit or other
stuff like that…It’s really hard to get used to…but anyways that
family is awesome!  They were planning on scaring me and pretending to
be non members and angry towards the missionaries but my companion
screwed the whole thing up when he said “Hi Brother Picket”…it was
pretty funny that they were gonna try and do that to me…I probably
would’ve cried though…haha Like I said before, I can’t get over how
beautiful the landscape is here!  It reminds me of old westerns so
much.  They had us write a post card our first night to our parents
but apparently mail takes like two or three weeks most of the time to
get to the states and so this email will arrive before it and a lot of
this stuff will be repeated in the post card.  We are living in a
members basement and they are so cool.  They have a Pomeranian dog
that is the cutest/coolest dog in the world.  I totally want one when
I get home.  He comes down stairs in the morning and plays with us
haha He’s just a little puff ball and so cool!  President Archibald is
a pretty intimidating man but he’s a very inspired and great mission
president.  Sister Archibald is a saint and the other missionaries say
that she would be translated already if it weren’t for her husband
haha  Another reason the Lord knew I should be here is….THE CANDY!!!
There is so many new types of candy here!! and their chocolate and
everything tastes different!  I just barely had Poutine at Costco and
it was GREAT!…but definitely makes you feel like crap afterwards…
The mailing address is at the mission office and mail gets there then
it gets given to us on Friday’s…if the AP’s see us…so letters come
few and far between, so I’d love it if people wrote and then those
letters would mean so much more because of the wait to get them.  The
mailing address is…

Canada Calgary Mission
7044 Farrell Rd. SE
Calgary, AB T2H 0T2

But yeah my companion is probably the sickest Elder out here and I
have a feeling we’ll have a lot of success in our time together even
though we’re in a pretty tough area.  There are humble people out here
that I know the Lord has prepared for me to teach so I’m super
excited!  I would love to here how the family is doing and just get a
long email back if possible…I like to hear about the old world!
We had our weekly planning session today and it was so long and boring…
but we definitely made it more exciting than a normal missionary might…
we do it at the church to be in a better mindset and environment…so we spoke into the microphone
with great announcements..even though it was only me and my comp haha.
It was good hearing everyone’s voice at the airport and makes me
excited for Christmas! Hopefully Connor can dry up those tears by then
because he almost made me break down when he was talking…I’ve got a
weird heart like that..If I hear someone else crying or sad then I cry
too…I hope that’s a good thing!  But not when I’m trying to be tough
in a public airport!haha  I Love all of you so much!  The church is
true and the scriptures are jam packed full of personal application
that can help anyone, anytime, anywhere!  Love you!


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