Another great week…

Mr. Noodle says hello!

The reason I start this letter off like that is because they don’t have top ramen out here.   They have their equivilant which is called mr. noodle.  I bought a few bags of it and it is…….TERRIBLE!! So gross, I took one bite and was mad at Canada for not just having Top Ramen! haha but yeah anyways….It’s been a great week! Kinda slow at times but there is potential everywhere!
I had a strong feeling after one of our dinners that we should go to a certain family that are former investigators.  We went and knocked on their door and got invited in!  That hadn’t happened for me yet!  They are a cool couple with a cute little boy.  They said that it was like we had heard them talking the day before because they were saying how they hadn’t seen the Elders in a few months!  In my mind I was like “heck yes!! I was totally led by the Spirit!”  but yeah they have been involved with the church a lot in the past I guess and had Elders over a lot.  They just seem really friendly and like they should be members but I’m not sure what their hang up is.  I’m thinking that the Elders in the past haven’t taught them very well or much at all hopefully. But I have a strong feeling that there’s a reason I had the impression to go there and that I will be able to help them understand the Gospel better.  We meet with them this week so that’ll be super interesting to see what questions they may have and how much they’ve been taught and everything.  We also picked up this family who seem like Golden investigators.  It’s a cute little family with three little boys and how my companion contacted them seems pretty ideal.  Right before I got out here they stopped by their house and the dad said how he was actually just reading about the book of mormon that day and was wondering how our church got started.  I guess they gave the first lesson in like a half hour there on the front porch and he was really interested.  They’re the Campbells and they have friends in the ward and just seem perfect!  We got an appointment set up for tonight to meet with them to teach the Plan of Salvation!  It’s gonna be great!  But yeah, Dwayne the tattoo artist is supposed to get baptized this Saturday if he gave up smoking on Saturday.  He’s been out of town and we can’t get a hold of him but there are members who are talking to him for us and he will be back on Tuesday and we’ll get to see him.  I really hope he was able to kick smoking because that would mean my first baptism would be this Saturday!!!!   Also, Rita from England is so close to being ready for baptism.  She’s knows the truthfulness of our message and the Book of Mormon she just wants to be absolutely sure.  She may be baptized the 23rd of this month, we meet with her tommorrow and will see where she’s at in her mind.  The spirit is so strong when we taught her this last time and she recognizes that the feelings of the Spirit and that she’s feels calm, happy and like something inside her is pulling her towards being baptized!!!  She couldn’t be anymore ideal of an investigator!!!  Hopefully Satan doesn’t do anything drastic to stop her progress!  But yeah, I’m continuing to learn more about the area and love it more and more everyday!  Our apartment is in the basement of a member couple and they’re awesome.  We have a pool table…I feel like I’ve told you this before but I don’t remember and am too lazy to check my other emails…but yeah it’s pretty nice.   The beds are small and really creaky but you’re so tired out here that you could fall asleep on a rock covered in tacks.  The members have been really good about feeding us dinner every night so that’s good.  We make delicious bologna or tuna sandwhiches for lunch almost every day!haha  We have a few dumbells and stuff and I have a plan to make a super “magyver” like weight bench.  I’ll let you know how it goes haha  but yeah we are actually in the hottest part of the mission.  Medicine Hat gets the hottest in Calgary.  It’s fine though.  I love the weather out here though.  It’s been ideal for my likings so far.  And I’m just so thankful I didn’t serve in Austen’s mission of Tampa because I’d much rather be cold than hot.  Just another reason the Lord knew I should be here.  It is terrible to be in a shirt and tie in the heat.

Oh yeah mom, you should listen to the album “Nashville Tribute to the missionaries” and listen to the song Bless my Son.  It’s a good tear jerker that me and my companion like to cry to at night haha but really it is a good song and probably can be found on youtube.  I love all of you and can’t wait to hear back next week about everything that you guys are doing!!


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