Hello again

Yeupp it’s me,
          It was a great week in the Medicine Hat/ Bow Island area of the Canada Calgary mission haha…that was really descriptive.  The Timpview soccer coach emailed me and we’ll see if we can see him on Tuesday but chances are slim.  I’m pretty sure we only picked up one new investigator since I talked to you last week and I’ll tell you about that whole story.  
         Dwayne wasn’t able to give up smoking completely so we’re still working with him.  He has a date set for the 30th which he set himself this time when we recomitted him to baptism.  He really wants to get baptized but just needs to quit this bad habit.  Rita cancelled on us this whole week because of work and family problems but came to church Sunday!  I could tell that she really enjoyed it and now she’s been 4 times!  We’re supposed to meet with her this week! (if she doesn’t cancel)  I’m sure that she’s going to get baptized if we can just get some more meeting with her to talk and teach her some more.  She’s just so busy!!  We met with the Campbell family this week.  Only the husband though because the wife is kinda afraid of change and stuff but he’s super interested and sincere which is great.  He’s super busy as well though and does crazy long bike trips and stuff like that randomly so it’ll be hard to get return appointments consistently.  But we went over the plan of salvation with him and he is just a really great man who likes to serve other people and loves his family.  I really hope his wife doesn’t hold him back and that the whole family will be able to be converted and sealed eventually.  The other family I mentioned (CJ and Jeremy) we were able to meet with.  Like I said they’re really nice to the elders and have gone to church and church activites a lot in the past.   They love the mormons but just won’t join.  The wife found some random church that she likes going to, so he goes with her.  He is a very “logical” thinker and can’t wrap his head around the thought of God yet.  But we’re trying to build him from the ground up on religion and continuing doing service for them and hope that we’ll be able to prepare them to convert in the near future.  All we can do is work as hard as we can and pray for them but some people just aren’t ready to fully receive the message of the Gospel in their lives as the time.  That’s a hard concept sometimes because I just want people to start living the Gospel RIGHT NOW and start seeing the blessings that come from it.  But everone is different and are at different places in their lives.  The heat isn’t unbearable out here by the way, I love it!  I feel like branding cows in the middle of the day and Price football camp has prepared me well haha  But yeah, it hasn’t gotten nearly as hot as those experiences so I feel very blessed.  Oh yeah!  The new investigator.  He’s 17 and is over in Bow Island.  We got called to go over and meet with him and a 18 year old boy who brought his mom.  Well he didn’t really bring her but she wanted to come because they’re Evangelists or Evangelicals or however you say it.  Anyway, we taught them the first lesson and the mom stopped us after every single point about the restoration in lesson 1.  She was super protective and pretty much doesn’t want her 18 year old son to keep meeting with us.  The 17 year old isn’t from their family but is just friends with the son.  He is super shy about answering questions and stuff.  His name is Craig and he only joined a church a year ago and actually brought religion into his life.  All of this stuff is still pretty new to him but he seemed interested.  He went to church on Sunday and liked it I guess.   Hopefully we can meet with him in the future.
Things sound good with Austen and Kelsie.  Tell Kelsie that once the baby comes out she’ll lose like thirty pounds in the blink of an eye! haha I can’t wait to see the cute pictures from the baby shower! 
I emailed Trav back and he sounds like he’s doing great and having fun!
Thats great that Connor and Cael are friends!  They’re two really cute kids who seem pretty similar!  That’s hilarious that they text so much!
It sounds like Jessie is doing great!  I have a strong feeling that she’ll get some offers this year and am really excited to continue hearing about that!  I hope her knee starts feeling better though, that definitely isn’t good that it continues swelling up like that!  Knees are terrible, so hopefully it’s just aggravated.
That story with dad just made me sick.  Fire is so scary when it’s out of control and especially since it was headed towards vehicles and valuable property!  We didn’t get charged anything did we?  That story reminded me of when the hay fell off the trailer in the canyon though!  Me waking up to dad uttering swear words similar to the dad on the Christmas story haha that was super scary though and I can only imagine how scary that fire situation was. 
I’m sorry to hear about the drought! I’ll be sure to pray for rain this week! 
How are you doing mom? What are you up to?  I get updates on almost everyone except you!  Whats up with that?  You’re the most important!
Anyways, I love you all and can’t wait to hear back next week.  Good luck with everything this week!
Love Elder Jorgensen
P.S.  Our investigator Dwayne has the exact same laugh as the crazy guy from Ireland on Braveheart.  I almost die when he starts laughing when we talk to him.  He even starts to look more and more like that actor the more I think about it haha It’s freaking hilarious that I made that connection this week haha


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