Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!

Lots of exciting and great things have been happening so I haven’t been able to write until today!!!
First item of business. Dwayne Hollinger is baptized and a member of the church!!!!!!!!!!!! He finally entered the waters of baptism Saturday and was confirmed and received the Holy Ghost on Sunday!!!!! (Canada day) He is so excited and happy right now!! He wants to help us with missionary work all the time and will just call us up randomly sometimes to see how we’re doing and what we have planned for the day haha The baptismal service was SO spiritual and went really smoothly. He was baptized by a man that he lives with and had to be dunked twice because part of his arm was sticking up…so it didn’t go as supremely smooth as I would have like but that was the only glitch haha and while they were getting changed after the baptism, me and Elder Ferrell gave a 10 minute first to everyone there. It went REALLY well and Elder Tulane (zone leader) was just shocked the whole time and after and said it was the best 10 minute first he had heard on the mission! He’s really blatant and up front with people so we really took it as a sincere compliment. It was such a great experience to have my first baptism so soon in my mission and to be able to get that much needed motivation to keep working hard. Filling the font hours before the baptism was such a great experience and me and Elder Ferrell just had adrenaline from the excitement the whole time. Dwayne really did seem like he was glowing after he was baptized and he couldn’t take the smile off his face. People would ask him “how do you feel?” after he was baptized and he would shake his head and reply “I don’t know, ask me tommorrow, words can’t describe it right now” (and then he would break into his Braveheart laugh and I would almost die because how everything happening combined was just overfilling me with joy!!!) But yeah, it was just the greatest thing ever and got me super motivated to continue helping others understand the importance of baptism and how the Gospel can bless their lives and make them happier than any other way of living here on earth.

We haven’t been able to meet with any of our other investigators for a while because of their schedules and stuff like that but Rita wants to meet soon!! She has still been on vacation but we should see her this week!

We went to Brooks on P-Day and we were supposed to have a pig roast because there’s two polynesian elders that are serving over there that invited us out. We went out there (about and hour drive) and met up with Elder Picula and Elder T and followed them out to some farm where they cooked it. They cooked it in the ground and so we dug it up. Then there was some bad news and it just kept getting worse. There was a bazillion mosquitoes!!!!!!!!!! And I think that they all new that I have really sweet blood (because of all the candy that I eat)!!!!!!!!! They were just vicious and we were wearing shorts and t-shirts so there was so much of my precious skin that they could get at!! We got the pig out and went back to the house and started to uncover the soon to be meal. The mosiquitoes seemed to multiply by ten when we went back to the house and everything was outside! It was my worst nightmare because it felt like I was just constantly walking in a cloud of little vampires and I was getting welts all over!! No one had mosquitoe spray so I finally hid in the truck. I sat down and started looking at my legs and arms and counted about 22 huge welts from all of the bites. (I joked around with everyone on the ride home that I was suprised I didn’t go into cardiac arrest from all of the mosquitoe venom in me) so then they uncover the pig and find out that it’s still practically raw. The one day that I’m starving for lunch and don’t think I can live much longer without food. So then they threw it on some bbq in the back for a little longer and we took it back to the church in Brooks (like a ten min. drive). We tried cutting it up and eating it but it was just super raw and gross and so we all had a few bites and then just played b-ball for like three hours. Dinner that night was Mcdonalds and it had never tasted so heavenly!!! It was a funny experience though and everyone was happy.

We met the new mission president on Tuesday!!! President and Sister Nicholas are the best!!!!!!!!!!! They are so funny and cute together. I can definitely feel their love for us and this mission. They are very approachable and just perfect for the mission right now. I’m so excited to serve the rest of my mission with them!!!

Those fires sound insane!!!! I can’t believe how much property they’ve destroyed! It sounds so scary!! But I’m happy to hear that we were able to put up a good first crop! I was just imagining our fields all yellow and dusty with tumble weeds rolling across them. And that makes me think of the movie “Tombstone”….I love that movie. Nothing better than Doc Holliday saying “I’m your Huckleberry”…..except maybe John Wayne in the original true grit when that man yells at him “why should I be afraid of a one eyed fat man!?” and John gets all fired up and replies “FILL YOUR HANDS YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!” (you should probably edit that part out haha)

Everything sounds great in the family and I hope that everyone continues to do alright. I Love all of you and can’t wait to hear back!
P.S. Doesn’t that picture of the clouds just look like a screensaver? The sky is just HUGE out here and the clouds were never ending on P-Day!


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