Elder Jorgensen aka Colby

So………….what a week! My new companion is great! He’s A LOT different from my last companion but we get a long! He’s from Kaysville Utah and is a great guy! We teach really well together and have similar goofy personalities at times haha but yeah, it should be an exciting transfer!

Rita canceled this week for a medical reason and brought up over the phone that one of her biggest concerns is having friends in the ward that are Sisters. So…we’ve been trying to friend the hell out of her!!! (I think using that swear word works as a cute missionary saying..I’m not sure though…oh well :)) But yeah, we’ve been giving people specific assignments to go over to her house and introduce themselves and get to know her! it’s going great so far and the members are helping and excited about the work! We did find out she has a word of wisdom problem…but we will try and fix that!

We gave Greg Campbell a church tour this week and it went REALLY well! We showed him around relief society and priesthood and all that kind of stuff and so we had to teach a lot about ordinances and Priesthood and how our church runs and it cleared up A LOT in his head!!! It was so cool to see his understanding being cleared up of what we do and disproving false ideas he had in his head about what our Sunday worship would be like. It was super spiritual and a very good experience for him and us. We showed the family history room and mentioned how that is a service the church provides and he thinks his wife will be interested in using that. It should be a good way for him to introduce the church more gradually to her and we’ll see if we get a return appointment with him ever. He’d be baptized if he didn’t have his wife or family pretty much…he’s a great man and will fully accept this Gospel in this life or the next. He’s a great man but will probably be someone I don’t see the fruits of my labors from while I’m here. I love knowing how much we’ve helped him though.

So since I made Aspyns blanket I’ve realized how much I enjoy making sentimental gifts like that which mean a lot more than something store bought and will last forever!! We went to one of our members home’s who is an older lady who is just amazing and if helping us with fellowshipping people like Rita. Anyways she has a bunch of quilts and magazines and stuff out and I show her pictures of the blanket I made Aspyn and how I think quilting looks super interesting and sweet. So then she shows us all of these quilts she has made her grandchildren for when they’re married and all the different styles and how she used there favorite colors and objects and stuff on them and it was crazy!! It looks super interesting and seriously seems like such a cool sentimental gift! I probably sound like an old lady talking like this but I might try my hand at quilting when I’m old and retired and such!haha

Speaking of old people, the bishop gave us a referral this week to see a lady who moved into a motel in our area. Her husband is very ill and in and out of the hospital with stuff but she seems very nice and somewhat interested in the church. He found out about her because a lady a few doors down is a member who moved into the ward but is trying to cut down smoking and stuff to go to the temple and she told Bishop about her friend. So we stopped by the non member and set up a return appointment for next week and then went to see the member….She’s crazy!! She answers the door and was sleeping and was really sick….and she wasn’t wearing any pants…..yeah. I think she might have multiple personalities as well…she was super tired at first and then suddenly super awake and asking questions and then would revert to talking in a creepy whispered voice and would remind me of the witch on Snow White and then she reminded me of the old ladies on Herculese who say “this string won’t cut!”. But yeah, she was super sarcastic and funny and will be interesting to get to know more when she’s feeling better. I’m scared and excited at the same time!haha

I’m happy to hear the house situations are turning out well and that Austen and Kelsie enjoyed my blanket! I want to see pictures of Aspyn on it to have proof that it made it there!haha I loved making it and think it is the coolest thing ever. The bishop’s wife proofread my letter before I sent it and she teared up too haha She is such a sweet lady and was just overjoyed that I made and sent that to Aspyn and she LOVED all of it! She’s had like 4 boys go on missions and is just such a great missionary mom and making us Elders feel loved. She helped a lot with showing me the steps in making the blanket and is just a saint.

I can’t wait to hear how the game goes this week!! Go Cougs! Go Aust! This should be an exciting year!

It’s exciting to hear everyone is going back to school and Connor sounds like he’s turning into a freaking stud! Way to go Con-man! Keep it up! You’ll be playing on BYU’s team in no time bud!

Jessie…I approve of Porter but that’s only because I know he’s a member and goes to mutual consistently…but you’re going to have to run all other “suitors” past me in the future for my blessing and approval.:)

Trav sounds like he’s doing great and said he got to drive the bail wagon…….I honestly thought this day would never come. The bail wagon is DAD’S territory!!!!! I’m honestly still in shock from hearing that…I hope Trav doesn’t break it and ruin this big step in dad’s trust haha

Oh yeah, the Corn Roast went great! There weren’t any of our investigators there but there were a lot of non members and some possible referrals from the members in the near future!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder J


Happy transfer week!

So the answer to your big question is YES! Rita canceled twice this week! Hurray for patience! It’s funny because she sets up the appointments and usually calls us to reschedule, so in theory she should choose times that she would be able to meet….Who knows. But we are once again set up to meet on Thursday and I have faith that we’ll meet with her!

CJ and Jeremy are back from their vacation and called. They want to meet on Friday so that’s good. It’ll be interesting because I’ll have a new companion teaching them! Weird! I’ve heard who I’m getting and apparently he’s a pretty cool kid. I’m sure we’ll get along just fine:) But yeah, this lesson will be pretty key in seeing if we drop them this week. They just haven’t been progressing and have really just been using us for service and building their basement. Don’t get me wrong, I love service but the fact that they know why we’re there and have had the lessons multiple times and don’t keep any commitments we leave in lessons or progress at all but are more than willing to continue inviting us back to work for them is not showing any signs of being effective missionary work anymore.

The corn roast is actually today! We’ve invited a TON of Inactives, Less Actives, Part Members, Potentials, Formers and Investigators! Hopefully we see some come out! It’s a pretty well known event like I’ve mentioned and we’re hoping to see lots of fresh faces out there today! The food should be great but hopefully we don’t have time to enjoy it because we’re too busy walking around talking to people and setting up appointments!!!! Should be interesting, I’ll let you know what happens next week!

So we went to the temple this last week! It was so beautiful and such a great refreshing and motivating experience. We went with the Picketts and got to witness his brother receiving his endowments and going through the temple for the first time. Such a priveledge to be a part of it. We also got to be at his sealing to his wife and to there cute little baby. It was such a spiritual experience and such a strong testimony builder for me because I’ve never been to a sealing before. It made me want a temple marriage so much more! It would be really hard to start off a relationship with a worldly marriage…even if it was on a beach or a mountain top or something:) It would be beautiful but a temple marriage brings such a stronger meaning to the relationship and understanding the Plan of Salvation and that you’ll be with those people FOREVER!! Such a comforting feeling and made me think of how much I LOVE my family and am so happy that we’ll be together forever. The Cardston temple was so beautiful and unique. It’s one of the older ones and I think one of about three that don’t have an angel Moroni on top. Loved it. Love the Picketts also. They’re amazing. We didn’t make wings by the way because of the temple trip but will sometime this next transfer.

We had a pig roast yesterday…again…much more successful this time!!! Made for a great dinner. Which reminds me of a funny connection and story. A few nights earlier we were leaving the Picketts house when the daughter pointed out to watch out for the spider in the corner of the door frame. I looked and there was a huge spider right where my face would go through the door on a big web…I screamed and jumped back. I would’ve freaked if that thing would’ve been on me. Bro. Pickett killed it and life went on. Then we found out that our dinner was a pig roast and so we went and I looked at the dead pig and said “I wonder if Wilber was killed to eat because we killed Charlotte the other night so she couldn’t write things about him like “Some Pig” or “Spectacular” or “humble”…”

Oh yeah, we’re allowed to go to the temple every six months…so that’s four times during the mission if you’re not a mathmetician!:)

Glad to hear Austen and Kelsie are surviving. The scrimmage sounds good minus that play and I hope and pray that everything works out this season for Aust. I also hope they can get some more sleep! A lack of sleep makes everyone grumpy! I’ve definitely realized that more out on the mission where sleep is in short supply!

School for Jessie and Connor….Yummy!! It’s so weird that they’re going to school cuz time moves so weird out here on the mission. We go into homes and watch people go through the excitement of summer vacations, and school getting out and school starting up again but we as missionaries continue to stay on the same schedule!! I kind of like it and I kind of don’t…it’s just interesting!!!

Trav sounds great! I just talked to him in emails!

I love you all and am being changed by the Lord everyday! This Gospel is the greatest gift we can give to others so don’t be afraid to share!

Love Colby Cheese


So first off.  I did get that package that you sent a while ago that had the letter from Jeremiah and Jessie and stuff so don’t worry.  Secondly, don’t worry about sending Frank’s because they have it up here.  I’m actually making wings with the Picketts this week because they wanted us to make dinner for them and we got to choose what to make!  So obviously I chose wings! haha 
So first of all with the family.  I’m really excited to hear that everyone is doing so well! 
That’s great to hear that Jessie is going to have such a great team this year.  I can’t wait to start hearing about her getting scholarship offers and schools talking to her and everything.  It’s crazy to think that I’ll be home just before she graduates!  We’ll practically be the same year in school in that next fall!haha
I think that will be really fun for Connor to play with kids his own age!  It’s definitely good to be a big fish in a little pond sometimes.  But yeah, I really think that will be good for him.  I can’t believe he wears a size 8!  He’s only 6 sizes away from being up there with me!haha
No letter from Trav this week but I’m sure he’s having a great time in Arizona.
The pictures you sent and also the ones that Austen sent this week were amazing!!!!  That picture of Austen walking out of the tunnel is so sick!   I wish I could’ve been to the baby blessing because I’m sure it was out of this world.  
I hope that dad stays safe and puts up a good second crop!  I’d love to get a letter from him!  We need to talk farm business if I’m going to take over the business someday:)  I really am contemplating it from being around it so much and the satisfaction that I get from doing the work.  Sounds good to me but we’ll see what the future holds!
Mom….you can talk to adults! ha  Your relief society lesson is going to go great!  A room full of women sounds like a great environment to teach in! haha I guess I’m a boy and so that sounds more ideal for me…..but now that I think of it most of the women in relief society are post menopausal and have pockets full of butterscotch candies….hmm…I change my opinion.  But your going to do great!  and my only advice for teaching them is using Preach My Gospel in your lesson. 

So the missionary work this week was pretty good. We had dinner at a members home and the Follics came that I told you about.  It wasn’t a super long lesson because we ended up having to do it 20 minutes before dinner instead of after but it went well.  We talked about Saviors life on earth and the apostasy to lead into the Restoration film.(we decided to use the film because the members little girls are off the wall all the time).  They seemed really interested though.  We had dinner and had a really good time getting to know them better and get more comfortable with them.  They’re really good people and don’t seem to have any word of wisdom problems or stuff like that from what we can see.  She is barely able to walk right now with her back and so we offered to give her a blessing after dinner.  She accepted and I gave her the blessing.  It was great to exercise my priesthood and to gradually introduce them into things that we do.  They were very grateful and we gave them a Book of Mormon and should be meeting with them this week or next week.  They had to go to Calgary for some other doctors appointment but I love them and they seem very promising to accept the Gospel!
Rita cancelled….It used to be that she would cancel 6 times and then we could get in with her once.  It’s been about 13 times now and we still haven’t seen her.  She called us and we’re set up for Tuesday! Cross your fingers!
We stopped by the Campbells who we taught forever ago.  He was very friendly and was finally back from his summer trips.  He pretty much said that their family isn’t ready to change right now, especially his wife.  We invited him to the ward corn roast that we’re having which is a big bbq the ward does every year.  He said they’d be interesting in going.  We’ve invited a lot of non members to it so hopefully some show up and we can teach some more people! 
I love you all!  Could you send some pictures of the family in the package.  I don’t have any out here but would love some!

Elder Jorgensen


Happy Birthday MOM!!!!!!!  Even though I’m a little late I hope that it still has the same effect!   I’m sad that I’m not there to celebrate this great milestone in your life…it seems like just yesterday we were in the little old house in Mt. Pleasant and you were frantically searching for me because I had walked over to the church without telling anyone.  Not to mention me singing “happy birfday to Aussen” on my own “birfday”.  Good times:)  From the pictures I’ve seen though mom, it looks like you’re barely peaking at 25 right now.  I’m pretty sure that father time is mixed up on how old you are because you’re way too beautiful to be approaching 50.  I love you sooooooooo much mom!  You are THE most amazing woman in the world and I am so grateful that we have such a special connection and are so similar.   I love you and how you’ve raised me so much.  I love you more than anyone and can’t wait to give you a big hug in the airport in 21 months:)

So the update on things here is going to have to be a little shorter because of the amount of time that I have right now.

CJ and Jeremy are going out of town and so we haven’t met back up with them to see how things have been going.  It’s going to be rough to go a week or so without checking in with them because that’s a lot of time for satan to work on them and for them to just lose the motivation to pray and everything.

Rita cancelled twice this week and didn’t come out to church this week even though she said she would.  I’m optimistic about her though and know that she has a lot of forces working against her.  Mainly satan and her husband.  But I have faith that everything will work out with her.  I know that she has a good heart and will be baptized either in this life or the life to come.  I really hope that we can meet with her this week!

I don’t know if I told you but we moved an older couple in like a month ago that a member told us about.  They were the ones that ended up being SUPER grateful for our help and really appreciated us.  We didn’t feel it was a good time to try and have a lesson with them or anything and just told them they could give us a call if they needed help with anything.  They called a few weeks later and we took some stuff to salvation army for them and then last week they called and needed help getting a recliner from a store.  We helped them with that and they were just SO grateful once again and couldn’t express how much of a help we’ve been to them.  The wife then brought it up that she’d like the address to our church and that they want to come to it.  She has a pinched nerve in her back and can’t get around too well so they weren’t able to make it Sunday and I doubt they will for a while because of that, but they look promising.  We are having dinner with their next door neighbors tonight and they are coming!  We are gonna share a lesson on the apostasy and the restoration afterwards and we hope it goes well!  It could be a make or break point in our relationship with them but I think it’s going to go well!  So that’s exciting!

Oh yeah, we branded cows this week!!!!!!!!!!  They were about two months late in doing it so the calves were HUGE!!!!!!!!  The whole time me and my companion were just praying that we wouldn’t get seriously injured and sent home because their kicks hurt like crazy!!!!  We got some nice bruises but it was such a nice experience.  I seriously just felt so comfortable and I was analyzing cows and what dad would think and stuff like that the whole time.  It was a lot of fun.  We were there all day in the calf chutes and it was super tiring and painful.  I got some solid kicks to the leg and my feet got stepped on a TON!  We were exhausted by the time we were done and SO sore that night and the next day.  A kick to my quad made it hard for me to bend my leg and left a nice bruise. It was honestly so nice to do that kind of work and was a good refresher from normal missionary work.   I loved it.

The family sounds great and I wish I had more time to comment on them.  I got emails from both Austen and Travis this week so I replied to them and they sound like they’re doing well.

It’s gonna be so weird to see Connor when I get back.  He’s going through a pretty big change physically and mentally right now!  It sounds like Jess is doing well and I hope that they have a good team this year!

I love you all but I’ve gotta go!  Keep up the great work back at home!  Ah! I love you all so much!

Elder Jorgensen

Sisa Puede

(that means “we can do it”, in Spanish…I’m not sure if that’s how you spell it, but it was on some Disney Channel movie once with Latino cheerleaders…haha)

No new investigators this week but we were able to teach one of them! CJ and Jeremy Silver. I don’t know if you remember them but they were the couple who were pregnant and have the cute little boy and we do service for them weekly. We finally got to teach them again this week on Friday and it went alright. Jeremy is the logical thinker and can’t really be serious about anything for too long unless it’s about his phone repair business, and us helping him build his basement. We watched the “Finding Faith in Christ” video with him and his wife because we are literally at ground zero with him and having faith. His wife has it and goes to some other church, but mainly because of the social aspect of it and they sing songs differently and not like us with our hymns. He likes to show the “range” of his voice..he sings country songs to us sometimes when we’re working, and he watches…it’s kinda awkward, but funny, but good at the same time…haha. But yeah, after the movie he pretty much analyzed the acting and little things like that. He wouldn’t admit to feelings of the Spirit or anything like that and we worked with scriptures and trying to get him to at least try to find faith in God. He pretty much wants a huge sign and we told him that most likely won’t happen but how the Spirit works and how to feel answers through it in prayer and different circumstances. He said that he would try prayer again and we’ll see how it goes. His wife piped in and had a pretty good analogy. She said that if you were the only one lost in a forest and had no clue if anyone else was there that you wouldn’t just call out half heartedly, calling out for someone, but that you would be putting your whole soul and effort into it and pretty much screaming. It was a really good comment because right now he just doesn’t have that kind of desire and he’s not going to be able to have it unless he makes some steps of faith.

I gave a talk on Sunday! Every fifth Sunday our ward has a Sacrament Service dedicated to missionary work. I decided to give a talk on the importance of the Gospel to get members motivated and excited to share the Gospel. My talk went really well and I got a lot of compliments. I was telling Trav in my email how our dinner calendar got filled up more than ever when we passed it around afterwards and that I like to think that it was because I gave such an awesome talk! haha But yeah it was nice to get up in front of all the members and be real with them about how much the Gospel can bless those that don’t have it, and to think back on how much it’s blessed their own lives in different aspects and I bore testimony of how it has blessed my life. At one point in the talk, I talked about the Atonement and how it relieves feelings of shame and guilt that come to everyone when they make wrong choices because they all have the light of Christ. I said how a majority of people in the world don’t know about the Atonement and it’s cleansing and comforting effects, and have no clue how to relieve those feelings of guilt and shame that come through wrong choices. And, that it’s our duty to tell them about it because they turn to other things to cope and think that’s just how life is. The bishop’s wife came up to me and said how she had never thought of it that way.

Our waiting technique worked with Rita! She called Thursday and left a message because we were at a specialized training meeting. She left a message saying she wanted to meet with us and was sorry that she has been so difficult to meet with. She said for us to call her back and that she would call us the next morning if she hadn’t heard anything. We were driving back to Medicine Hat and were about to call her when she called again! Elder Ferrell answered and pretty much she said that there had been some family issues this last week but that it wasn’t from us meeting with her and that she wants to meet and get her life in order. We’re set up for Tuesday to meet with her and hopefully it happens! Patience is a virtue!

Aspyn just looks like she should be on some baby modeling magazines and is ADORABLE!!!! I’m sure that she’ll be the perfect mixture of Austen and Kelsie and will be a professional soccer player selling houses on the side in no time! ha

That’s definitely weird that Coach Wong and V won’t be at camp anymore. Who’s the coaches now? I hope Connor can have fun anyway and that good coaches are put in their place.

Dad’s horse story sounds crazy! I’m so glad that he’s alright. You’re just going to have to tell him that he’s gonna have to start wearing a helmet like the little 4h kids now haha! I’m really so grateful that dad is okay though.

I’m glad you’re doing well mom!!! It doesn’t sound like you’re having the most exciting schedule but at least your busy right?

Anyways, I love you all and optimism is key in missionary work and life!!! It’s the Bear Necessities to look for the better things in life ( I think that’s a somewhat accurate quote from the Jungle Book) haha
Love Elder Jorgensen/ Colby Cheese