Sisa Puede

(that means “we can do it”, in Spanish…I’m not sure if that’s how you spell it, but it was on some Disney Channel movie once with Latino cheerleaders…haha)

No new investigators this week but we were able to teach one of them! CJ and Jeremy Silver. I don’t know if you remember them but they were the couple who were pregnant and have the cute little boy and we do service for them weekly. We finally got to teach them again this week on Friday and it went alright. Jeremy is the logical thinker and can’t really be serious about anything for too long unless it’s about his phone repair business, and us helping him build his basement. We watched the “Finding Faith in Christ” video with him and his wife because we are literally at ground zero with him and having faith. His wife has it and goes to some other church, but mainly because of the social aspect of it and they sing songs differently and not like us with our hymns. He likes to show the “range” of his voice..he sings country songs to us sometimes when we’re working, and he watches…it’s kinda awkward, but funny, but good at the same time…haha. But yeah, after the movie he pretty much analyzed the acting and little things like that. He wouldn’t admit to feelings of the Spirit or anything like that and we worked with scriptures and trying to get him to at least try to find faith in God. He pretty much wants a huge sign and we told him that most likely won’t happen but how the Spirit works and how to feel answers through it in prayer and different circumstances. He said that he would try prayer again and we’ll see how it goes. His wife piped in and had a pretty good analogy. She said that if you were the only one lost in a forest and had no clue if anyone else was there that you wouldn’t just call out half heartedly, calling out for someone, but that you would be putting your whole soul and effort into it and pretty much screaming. It was a really good comment because right now he just doesn’t have that kind of desire and he’s not going to be able to have it unless he makes some steps of faith.

I gave a talk on Sunday! Every fifth Sunday our ward has a Sacrament Service dedicated to missionary work. I decided to give a talk on the importance of the Gospel to get members motivated and excited to share the Gospel. My talk went really well and I got a lot of compliments. I was telling Trav in my email how our dinner calendar got filled up more than ever when we passed it around afterwards and that I like to think that it was because I gave such an awesome talk! haha But yeah it was nice to get up in front of all the members and be real with them about how much the Gospel can bless those that don’t have it, and to think back on how much it’s blessed their own lives in different aspects and I bore testimony of how it has blessed my life. At one point in the talk, I talked about the Atonement and how it relieves feelings of shame and guilt that come to everyone when they make wrong choices because they all have the light of Christ. I said how a majority of people in the world don’t know about the Atonement and it’s cleansing and comforting effects, and have no clue how to relieve those feelings of guilt and shame that come through wrong choices. And, that it’s our duty to tell them about it because they turn to other things to cope and think that’s just how life is. The bishop’s wife came up to me and said how she had never thought of it that way.

Our waiting technique worked with Rita! She called Thursday and left a message because we were at a specialized training meeting. She left a message saying she wanted to meet with us and was sorry that she has been so difficult to meet with. She said for us to call her back and that she would call us the next morning if she hadn’t heard anything. We were driving back to Medicine Hat and were about to call her when she called again! Elder Ferrell answered and pretty much she said that there had been some family issues this last week but that it wasn’t from us meeting with her and that she wants to meet and get her life in order. We’re set up for Tuesday to meet with her and hopefully it happens! Patience is a virtue!

Aspyn just looks like she should be on some baby modeling magazines and is ADORABLE!!!! I’m sure that she’ll be the perfect mixture of Austen and Kelsie and will be a professional soccer player selling houses on the side in no time! ha

That’s definitely weird that Coach Wong and V won’t be at camp anymore. Who’s the coaches now? I hope Connor can have fun anyway and that good coaches are put in their place.

Dad’s horse story sounds crazy! I’m so glad that he’s alright. You’re just going to have to tell him that he’s gonna have to start wearing a helmet like the little 4h kids now haha! I’m really so grateful that dad is okay though.

I’m glad you’re doing well mom!!! It doesn’t sound like you’re having the most exciting schedule but at least your busy right?

Anyways, I love you all and optimism is key in missionary work and life!!! It’s the Bear Necessities to look for the better things in life ( I think that’s a somewhat accurate quote from the Jungle Book) haha
Love Elder Jorgensen/ Colby Cheese


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