Happy Birthday MOM!!!!!!!  Even though I’m a little late I hope that it still has the same effect!   I’m sad that I’m not there to celebrate this great milestone in your life…it seems like just yesterday we were in the little old house in Mt. Pleasant and you were frantically searching for me because I had walked over to the church without telling anyone.  Not to mention me singing “happy birfday to Aussen” on my own “birfday”.  Good times:)  From the pictures I’ve seen though mom, it looks like you’re barely peaking at 25 right now.  I’m pretty sure that father time is mixed up on how old you are because you’re way too beautiful to be approaching 50.  I love you sooooooooo much mom!  You are THE most amazing woman in the world and I am so grateful that we have such a special connection and are so similar.   I love you and how you’ve raised me so much.  I love you more than anyone and can’t wait to give you a big hug in the airport in 21 months:)

So the update on things here is going to have to be a little shorter because of the amount of time that I have right now.

CJ and Jeremy are going out of town and so we haven’t met back up with them to see how things have been going.  It’s going to be rough to go a week or so without checking in with them because that’s a lot of time for satan to work on them and for them to just lose the motivation to pray and everything.

Rita cancelled twice this week and didn’t come out to church this week even though she said she would.  I’m optimistic about her though and know that she has a lot of forces working against her.  Mainly satan and her husband.  But I have faith that everything will work out with her.  I know that she has a good heart and will be baptized either in this life or the life to come.  I really hope that we can meet with her this week!

I don’t know if I told you but we moved an older couple in like a month ago that a member told us about.  They were the ones that ended up being SUPER grateful for our help and really appreciated us.  We didn’t feel it was a good time to try and have a lesson with them or anything and just told them they could give us a call if they needed help with anything.  They called a few weeks later and we took some stuff to salvation army for them and then last week they called and needed help getting a recliner from a store.  We helped them with that and they were just SO grateful once again and couldn’t express how much of a help we’ve been to them.  The wife then brought it up that she’d like the address to our church and that they want to come to it.  She has a pinched nerve in her back and can’t get around too well so they weren’t able to make it Sunday and I doubt they will for a while because of that, but they look promising.  We are having dinner with their next door neighbors tonight and they are coming!  We are gonna share a lesson on the apostasy and the restoration afterwards and we hope it goes well!  It could be a make or break point in our relationship with them but I think it’s going to go well!  So that’s exciting!

Oh yeah, we branded cows this week!!!!!!!!!!  They were about two months late in doing it so the calves were HUGE!!!!!!!!  The whole time me and my companion were just praying that we wouldn’t get seriously injured and sent home because their kicks hurt like crazy!!!!  We got some nice bruises but it was such a nice experience.  I seriously just felt so comfortable and I was analyzing cows and what dad would think and stuff like that the whole time.  It was a lot of fun.  We were there all day in the calf chutes and it was super tiring and painful.  I got some solid kicks to the leg and my feet got stepped on a TON!  We were exhausted by the time we were done and SO sore that night and the next day.  A kick to my quad made it hard for me to bend my leg and left a nice bruise. It was honestly so nice to do that kind of work and was a good refresher from normal missionary work.   I loved it.

The family sounds great and I wish I had more time to comment on them.  I got emails from both Austen and Travis this week so I replied to them and they sound like they’re doing well.

It’s gonna be so weird to see Connor when I get back.  He’s going through a pretty big change physically and mentally right now!  It sounds like Jess is doing well and I hope that they have a good team this year!

I love you all but I’ve gotta go!  Keep up the great work back at home!  Ah! I love you all so much!

Elder Jorgensen


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