So first off.  I did get that package that you sent a while ago that had the letter from Jeremiah and Jessie and stuff so don’t worry.  Secondly, don’t worry about sending Frank’s because they have it up here.  I’m actually making wings with the Picketts this week because they wanted us to make dinner for them and we got to choose what to make!  So obviously I chose wings! haha 
So first of all with the family.  I’m really excited to hear that everyone is doing so well! 
That’s great to hear that Jessie is going to have such a great team this year.  I can’t wait to start hearing about her getting scholarship offers and schools talking to her and everything.  It’s crazy to think that I’ll be home just before she graduates!  We’ll practically be the same year in school in that next fall!haha
I think that will be really fun for Connor to play with kids his own age!  It’s definitely good to be a big fish in a little pond sometimes.  But yeah, I really think that will be good for him.  I can’t believe he wears a size 8!  He’s only 6 sizes away from being up there with me!haha
No letter from Trav this week but I’m sure he’s having a great time in Arizona.
The pictures you sent and also the ones that Austen sent this week were amazing!!!!  That picture of Austen walking out of the tunnel is so sick!   I wish I could’ve been to the baby blessing because I’m sure it was out of this world.  
I hope that dad stays safe and puts up a good second crop!  I’d love to get a letter from him!  We need to talk farm business if I’m going to take over the business someday:)  I really am contemplating it from being around it so much and the satisfaction that I get from doing the work.  Sounds good to me but we’ll see what the future holds!
Mom….you can talk to adults! ha  Your relief society lesson is going to go great!  A room full of women sounds like a great environment to teach in! haha I guess I’m a boy and so that sounds more ideal for me…..but now that I think of it most of the women in relief society are post menopausal and have pockets full of butterscotch candies….hmm…I change my opinion.  But your going to do great!  and my only advice for teaching them is using Preach My Gospel in your lesson. 

So the missionary work this week was pretty good. We had dinner at a members home and the Follics came that I told you about.  It wasn’t a super long lesson because we ended up having to do it 20 minutes before dinner instead of after but it went well.  We talked about Saviors life on earth and the apostasy to lead into the Restoration film.(we decided to use the film because the members little girls are off the wall all the time).  They seemed really interested though.  We had dinner and had a really good time getting to know them better and get more comfortable with them.  They’re really good people and don’t seem to have any word of wisdom problems or stuff like that from what we can see.  She is barely able to walk right now with her back and so we offered to give her a blessing after dinner.  She accepted and I gave her the blessing.  It was great to exercise my priesthood and to gradually introduce them into things that we do.  They were very grateful and we gave them a Book of Mormon and should be meeting with them this week or next week.  They had to go to Calgary for some other doctors appointment but I love them and they seem very promising to accept the Gospel!
Rita cancelled….It used to be that she would cancel 6 times and then we could get in with her once.  It’s been about 13 times now and we still haven’t seen her.  She called us and we’re set up for Tuesday! Cross your fingers!
We stopped by the Campbells who we taught forever ago.  He was very friendly and was finally back from his summer trips.  He pretty much said that their family isn’t ready to change right now, especially his wife.  We invited him to the ward corn roast that we’re having which is a big bbq the ward does every year.  He said they’d be interesting in going.  We’ve invited a lot of non members to it so hopefully some show up and we can teach some more people! 
I love you all!  Could you send some pictures of the family in the package.  I don’t have any out here but would love some!

Elder Jorgensen


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