Elder Jorgensen aka Colby

So………….what a week! My new companion is great! He’s A LOT different from my last companion but we get a long! He’s from Kaysville Utah and is a great guy! We teach really well together and have similar goofy personalities at times haha but yeah, it should be an exciting transfer!

Rita canceled this week for a medical reason and brought up over the phone that one of her biggest concerns is having friends in the ward that are Sisters. So…we’ve been trying to friend the hell out of her!!! (I think using that swear word works as a cute missionary saying..I’m not sure though…oh well :)) But yeah, we’ve been giving people specific assignments to go over to her house and introduce themselves and get to know her! it’s going great so far and the members are helping and excited about the work! We did find out she has a word of wisdom problem…but we will try and fix that!

We gave Greg Campbell a church tour this week and it went REALLY well! We showed him around relief society and priesthood and all that kind of stuff and so we had to teach a lot about ordinances and Priesthood and how our church runs and it cleared up A LOT in his head!!! It was so cool to see his understanding being cleared up of what we do and disproving false ideas he had in his head about what our Sunday worship would be like. It was super spiritual and a very good experience for him and us. We showed the family history room and mentioned how that is a service the church provides and he thinks his wife will be interested in using that. It should be a good way for him to introduce the church more gradually to her and we’ll see if we get a return appointment with him ever. He’d be baptized if he didn’t have his wife or family pretty much…he’s a great man and will fully accept this Gospel in this life or the next. He’s a great man but will probably be someone I don’t see the fruits of my labors from while I’m here. I love knowing how much we’ve helped him though.

So since I made Aspyns blanket I’ve realized how much I enjoy making sentimental gifts like that which mean a lot more than something store bought and will last forever!! We went to one of our members home’s who is an older lady who is just amazing and if helping us with fellowshipping people like Rita. Anyways she has a bunch of quilts and magazines and stuff out and I show her pictures of the blanket I made Aspyn and how I think quilting looks super interesting and sweet. So then she shows us all of these quilts she has made her grandchildren for when they’re married and all the different styles and how she used there favorite colors and objects and stuff on them and it was crazy!! It looks super interesting and seriously seems like such a cool sentimental gift! I probably sound like an old lady talking like this but I might try my hand at quilting when I’m old and retired and such!haha

Speaking of old people, the bishop gave us a referral this week to see a lady who moved into a motel in our area. Her husband is very ill and in and out of the hospital with stuff but she seems very nice and somewhat interested in the church. He found out about her because a lady a few doors down is a member who moved into the ward but is trying to cut down smoking and stuff to go to the temple and she told Bishop about her friend. So we stopped by the non member and set up a return appointment for next week and then went to see the member….She’s crazy!! She answers the door and was sleeping and was really sick….and she wasn’t wearing any pants…..yeah. I think she might have multiple personalities as well…she was super tired at first and then suddenly super awake and asking questions and then would revert to talking in a creepy whispered voice and would remind me of the witch on Snow White and then she reminded me of the old ladies on Herculese who say “this string won’t cut!”. But yeah, she was super sarcastic and funny and will be interesting to get to know more when she’s feeling better. I’m scared and excited at the same time!haha

I’m happy to hear the house situations are turning out well and that Austen and Kelsie enjoyed my blanket! I want to see pictures of Aspyn on it to have proof that it made it there!haha I loved making it and think it is the coolest thing ever. The bishop’s wife proofread my letter before I sent it and she teared up too haha She is such a sweet lady and was just overjoyed that I made and sent that to Aspyn and she LOVED all of it! She’s had like 4 boys go on missions and is just such a great missionary mom and making us Elders feel loved. She helped a lot with showing me the steps in making the blanket and is just a saint.

I can’t wait to hear how the game goes this week!! Go Cougs! Go Aust! This should be an exciting year!

It’s exciting to hear everyone is going back to school and Connor sounds like he’s turning into a freaking stud! Way to go Con-man! Keep it up! You’ll be playing on BYU’s team in no time bud!

Jessie…I approve of Porter but that’s only because I know he’s a member and goes to mutual consistently…but you’re going to have to run all other “suitors” past me in the future for my blessing and approval.:)

Trav sounds like he’s doing great and said he got to drive the bail wagon…….I honestly thought this day would never come. The bail wagon is DAD’S territory!!!!! I’m honestly still in shock from hearing that…I hope Trav doesn’t break it and ruin this big step in dad’s trust haha

Oh yeah, the Corn Roast went great! There weren’t any of our investigators there but there were a lot of non members and some possible referrals from the members in the near future!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder J


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