So…..interesting news in the Rita department this week. After she cancelled those appointments last week, we told her to call us to set up the next appointment. Meanwhile we sent ward members over to introduce themselves and such. So then on Tuesday we get a call and it’s from Rita! She told us that she has thought long and hard and is tired of sitting on the fence….she wants to prepare for baptism!!! She was pretty much explaining to us that she knows she’ll continue learning but she needs to take that first step of faith and be baptized. She was practically telling us not to try and change her mind!haha But yeah that’s exciting! She’s supposed to contact us Friday. She hasn’t been taught all of the lessons or Word of Wisdom yet but I think her faith is strong enough to overcome those things and be baptized and an amazing member of the church!

Greg hasn’t contacted us since the church tour. We probably won’t hear from him for a while and he’s been dropped.

We went to Bow Island this week and had some success. We taught a few member lessons from Preach My Gospel to help them start doing missionary work so that we’ll have people to teach when we’re able to go out there! We also went to pretty much all the small stores, bakeries and businesses and such just to build up some PR and we actually talked to a lot of people and had some good conversations. We even got our lunch paid for at a chinese place where it was only us and one other couple in the restaurant. We just had casual small talk and stuff with them but they really liked us apparently because after they left the cashier said that they paid for our meal. We were asking the couple what was good there and stuff and they were like “well you could each get something different and then try each others” and I was like “yeah, umm, I don’t think we should do that because it would look too much like we’re on a date or something” haha They thought that was pretty funny though!

I thought about you when we were in Bow Island mom because there’s a train that goes through town. I was thinking of how much you love that movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” and how that guy gets his foot stuck in the track and dies…kind of sad.. But yeah, that movie reminded me of you and how much you love it:)

That’s cool to hear that you met Dan and Lawny. I love those guys.

Tell Jessie good luck for her game against Provo! I hope she continues to do well and gets some scholarships rolling in soon! Tell Connor to keep up the good work and keep working hard! He’s a stud!

The weather is still pretty hot out here but has cooled down a bit. I think I’ll probably get transferred from this area in the upcoming transfer. I don’t want to because I love this ward and the people here but it’s pretty common for missionaries to leave after 3 transfers from an area.

I love you all and hope that you and dad are doing okay! Have a great week and stay strong!


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