Hi mom!!!!

This week sounds like it was great for the family!!!! I really enjoyed reading about everything that is going on back in Provo!

This was a great week for me in Canada! First off, it’s transfers tomorrow and I’m leaving!!!! I have mixed emotions because there are a lot of cool members out here and it seems like our investigators are really progressing….:( but I’m mainly excited to see a new area and meet new people and keep moving on with the mission. It looks like I’m staying out of the big city of Calgary for now. I could either go to Lethbridge, British Columbia or Cardston. All of those areas are sweet and I didn’t want to go to the city yet so I’m excited! We don’t find out who our new companion or area is until tomorrow at transfer stations! Should be interesting to find out! I can’t wait though! I figured that I would get transferred so I’ve been saying good bye’s and stuff this week to members and investigators. It’s been sad but exciting at the same time like I said!

So guess what….We FINALLY had a lesson with Rita!!! We found the perfect fellowshippers and people to come to the lesson with us too! There names are the Hydes. She works with the son and respects him a lot and knows the dad from other stuff. The dad’s name is Vern and is really good friends with Blake Roney and his family. He’s so funny and has an eerily similar personality to Blake….I love it!!!! He was companions with Blake on his mission and then they roomed together at school after and they started a few small businesses. They are still really good friends and might go serve a little mini mission for Blake next year. Anyways, I was telling him that the next time he talks to Blake that he should tell him that Elder Jorgensen still hasn’t learned any magic like he said to. Then I found out that Vern is a magician and is really good! He goes to Africa every year and does performances over there and stuff! He showed us a few tricks and even showed us one that we can do and it’s really sweet!!! So yeah! Now I know a good magic trick for the rest of my mission and I hope to learn some more!
Anyways, the lesson went great with Rita and she’s already trying to stop smoking and she came to church this Sunday. It was the primary program, which is cute and good anywhere you go in the church. She really enjoyed it and I think will be baptized soon! I’m sad to leave her!

We also taught the younger man Brandon but his girlfriend wasn’t there this time. We read in Alma 32 about faith with him and it went really well. He’s such a sincere guy and just wants to do what’s right. He doesn’t like how other churches talk down on other churches because he figures that if we’re all going to church for the same reason then people shouldn’t diss other religions. Anyways, he was telling us that because his girlfriend had told her parents that she sat in on a lesson with the mormon missionaries and the parents emailed her back some stuff talking down about mormons because they are Lutheran and she tried to show it to Brandon but he was bugged that they were talking down on our church and didn’t want anything to do with it! He’s freaking awesome! He said the closing prayer for the first time and it was UNREAL. It was so sincere and the nicest thing ever and would’ve lifted anyones spirits to hear. AND after he said amen and we opened our eyes, the room was FILLED with the spirit. It honestly was so strong and just unbelievably present at the time. It honestly felt like someone had taken a fog machine of the Spirit and filled the room. It was such an amazing feeling and a strong testimony builder for me. I’m gonna miss him and he’s definitely making good decisions and progressing.

The picture I’m attaching is of the coolest family who I really like. They are friends with Brandon and the one’s that gave us the referral. The two boys are named Jet and Owen and they are so cute. After dinner and a message we were playing some floor hockey and then Jet comes out of this room decked out in a BYU football outfit. We tossed a football around for a little bit and I’m gonna miss all of them.

Connor sounds like a boss! I’m so glad to hear that he is doing so well! Keep up the good work big guy!

It sounds like Jess is also doing amazing! I hope this new position continues to work out for her!

I talked to Aust and Kels and they sound like they’re doing well! I hope he continues to recover from the surgery well!

Trav is also doing great from the sounds of it! It all sounds good!

I’m SO happy to hear that you and dad are happy mom. I love you both so much and know that everything is going to continue to turn out great. I hope that the hardwood idea works out! That’ll look great upstairs! I miss Halloween stuff with you too mom! I love Halloween and it’s not as popular up here in Canada. They don’t have all of the Haunted houses and stuff or seem to have as much excitement about it! I need to make the cauldron cake and show them what this time of year is all about!haha
But I do love the weather right now! I can’t get enough of Fall. The leaves are changing colors and are so beautiful, I love it!

I love you all! Have a great week!

oh yeah….I leaned back and broke a chair at a member’s house yesterday….it was pretty funny.  Everyone was laughing pretty hard.


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