So first of all, Probably the only viewer of the Blog would like you to keep it updated more regularly (Lydia) haha So if you could please do that then everyone would be happy:) Thanks mom! Also, when you put money in my account this week could you let me know what the balance is and everything so that I have an idea of what I have and can budget on my own and stuff. Thirdly, thankyou for the tip on getting the stains out and I’m excited to get this package from home!haha Hopefully it comes before Christmas:)
I do appreciate that you know how hard it is out here mom. I worry sometimes that I need to just be happy and strong all the time and not show any signs of weakness or else I’ll be a dissappointment at home. I know that other people have it harder than me and am staying positive:)

So Lethbridge is getting more and more promising! We still don’t have any investigators but we have been working really hard with getting into members homes and building up trust. There are a lot of good members out here and I’m excited for the future. One of our wards has called about 26 ward missionaries and are very into missionary work. The big project that they’re working on right now is inviting non members to things and not being afraid to share the Gospel. The bishop holds monthly firesides for the ward missionaries and teaches them about different parts of missionary work each time. It’s pretty sweet and we had a meeting yesterday! They’re working really hard to make sure that they get non members to the primary program and the Christmas party that they’re hosting. They were planning out the parties for quite a while and trying to decide how to mix social, fun and spiritual if we get a lot of non members to it. I threw out the idea that it shouldn’t be a formal dinner but that it should be a crock pot, pot luck and they should have taco soup, and chile and homemade chicken noodle soup and white bean chicken chili soup and they were all taken back and thought it would be a great idea. I mentioned how it would be easy clean up and easy preparation and that people could mingle more as they dished up their own food!ha They might divert from it a little bit because there were men that wanted a traditional turkey dinner but I was just stuck on my idea and was thinking of the cake auction for Halloween in Mt. Pleasant!haha Which made me think of our awesome cauldron cake mom! Those were great times…if only we could go back:) By the way, could you please send me some yummy soup/ crock pot meal recipies? I particularly want a taco soup recipe, a white bean chicken chile recipe, a homemade chicken noodle soup recipe and how to make homemade thick noodles! If you could get me that in your next email then I would love you more than I already do! Which is impossible because I love you SO much!!!! I really miss our 1 in the morning or later talks mom. I really feel like I need that outlet after each day of work in the mission but I know that it’s not possible. I will always cherish those times with you and love to think that we are the night owls of the family and are so similar. I think the world of you mom.

We got to build another snow fence this week! We built it for a lady who is less active and we probably would have NEVER had the chance to meet with otherwise because she’s slightly on the Do not contact list. She was really friendly and appreciative and was really nice. I don’t know why we wouldn’t contact her! haha She wanted to make us lasagna to repay us afterwards! We haven’t talked to her since but it was a great way that service allowed us to talk to someone and touch their heart better than anything else could have at the time!

We also had dinner at a members home this week and they are HUGE BYU football fans! It was pretty funny. The husband mentioned how BYU lost to Notre Dame this week and then was staring at my backpack and realized that it said Armed Forces Bowl and asked about it and so I told him that I was on the football team and he lost it!hahaha He was like “Boys! come in here! Did you hear that?!” ha we continued to talk about football for a majority of dinner and found out how big of fans that they are. His entire family loves football and three of his boys are playing high school level and lower right now. It was just a lot of fun to see such a die hard fan and to see how happy it made them that I was there.

Anyways, I’m really excited to hear how the house turns out! Please send pictures next week:) I talked to Aust and Kels and Trav this week and was really happy to hear from all of them! It is funny and sad at the same time that everyone is gimp in Austens family at this time! ha

I’m also glad to hear that Jess is doing so well and that Connor is as well. By the way, has Jess expressed anything about serving a mission and do you think Connor will go when he’s 18? I’m just curious. Also, tell Jess that I’m sorry for not writing back but that she can email me and I’ll be able to get short messages out quicker than writing.

I love you all so much! Have a great week and stay warm! It’s getting cold up here! Here comes winter!


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