Hi home!

I’m a little rushed today because a member is taking us fishing but I’ll try to fill you in on as much as possible!

This was a pretty sweet week! First of all, I haven’t tried the thing on my shirts yet but will this week hopefully. I’m building up trust with members which is good. I think they’re surprised to have an Elder that teaches and encourages them/teaches them how to do missionary work!haha Thankyou for the money! I think that I’ll be good for a bit. I’m debating whether or not I want to buy boots or if I’m just going to tough it out with shoes and those toe warmers that don’t work very well haha

We didn’t feel the earthquake in BC but we heard that it was pretty big. It snowed this week! Our cars were grounded for the first day that the storm hit because the roads were so terrible. It was pretty dang cold at times but not too different from Utah. There was just a lot of wind that blew the powdery snow in your face and that was no bueno. But it’s pretty cool to have it feel like winter! We got an ice storm last night and so everything that the rain touched was frozen and it made the ground SO SLIPPERY! Honestly, it has to be the most slippery surface on the planet. But I’ve stayed on my feet so far today with only a few scares haha

Thanks for the recipies by the way! I’m excited to try them out!

Everything at home sounds so amazing! The pictures of the house look SWEET!!!! It looks like we have a completely different house!!!! So crazy!! I love it though and can’t wait to see it in real life! Tell Jess that I’ve got her in my prayers and Connor too. It sounds like they’re tearing it up. That was a pretty sad thought that Jack is looking for Clover and can’t find her:( But I’m sure that he’ll move on:)

So the most exciting parts of this week……well…we had a special meeting with Elder Ballard! On Saturday the whole mission drove to Calgary and we got to listen to Ballard, Elder Christensen and Elder Walker of the 70. I was on the front row by the way which was really cool. I feel like me and Elder Ballard had a lot of eye contact during his talk haha It was a great meeting and very spiritual and uplifting. Elder Ballard was very funny but very serious at the same time. He is an amazing speaker and talked about a lot of different aspects of missionary work and told us how he carries a picture of the savior with him and when things seem hard, he pulls it out and looks at it and he feels better. He puts things in perspective that Christ went through so much more than we have and that just looking at him brings him comfort! I loved it because my planner cover is a really cool picture of Jesus and it always has comforted me when I’ve looked at it and I realized that in his talk! A cool story to go a long with this Saturday was that I got sick on Thursday and it was just a hefty cold. I was feeling pretty terrible on Friday and got a priesthood blessing from my zone leader (who’s my grandpa in the mission….he trained my trainer) Anyways, he blessed me that I would wake up in the morning and feel better…..and when I woke up I did! It was a strong testimony builder for me on the power of priesthood blessings!

Sunday was the dedication and it was SO good! I don’t remember much from the last dedication I went to in Utah because I was just freaked out by the Hosanna shout I think haha But yeah, we went to 2 of the 3 sessions that were broadcast to the churches in our area. President Monson was hilarious yesterday and was just so cheerful and happy. It was great to hear him talk so much and I loved all of it. I feel so blessed to be on a mission at this time with the temple being dedicated and the change for missionary age!

I love you all! Have a fun and safe week! Go T-bird volleyball!


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