What a week!

So, I’m out of money…sorry. I was able to get some snow boots though but then I had some other random expenses that I had to pay for and wasn’t expecting. Like my feet recently have gotten a bunch of these little holes in the bottom of them? I’m not sure what it is….It’s painful when I’ve been walking around in wet shoes for a while and I’ve been putting on some stuff that I bought that treats athletes foot and it doesn’t look like it has been getting any better…any ideas? anyways, It would be swell if I could get a tad bit more money in my account for little emergency things like that. I’m all outfitted for winter I think so that’s good! I got some cheap 30 dollar boots from walmart because everything else was SUPER expensive. They’re cute and remind me of your moon boots mom:) They say they’re good for temperatures as low as -20 degrees C……so I guess we’ll see!ha I don’t think we proselyte when it gets to -40 so I think I’ll be good! It’s been pretty warm this last week though, those warm winds are real! But the negative to that is…THE WIND!! But it is good for flying kites ha

So as for the fishing last week….pretty intense… The member who took us was a very fast pace person. He was seriously just talking and moving 110 miles per hour the whole day! It was great but it also was kind of stressful ha It was an hour drive out to the place that we went and we had to get permission from President to leave the area. 40 minutes of the drive was on a paved road which was kind of scary with how fast our member was going but it was manageable. Then 20 minutes of the ride was on a dirt road with new gravel put down…lots of gravel. So the road was really loose and he still didn’t slow down at all! He was just drifting back and forth on the road the whole time and I thought we were gonna drive. To put this in perspective, If you ever thought you were scared when Uncle Mauricio was driving then you have no idea what it means to be scared. The driver would look over at the member who was sitting in the passenger seat and take his eyes off the road and then when we were about to go off the road he would look back and correct quickly. Sometimes he would take both hands off the wheel to show the size of fish that we could be catching that day and everyone would tense up! haha But we made it there and back in one piece so it all worked out.:) The fishing aspect of the day was fun! It has been so long! We just casted out and would wait for some bites and just got to relax. It was a nice day but the fish were biting quick enough in the amount of time that we had to fish!haha I had one on the line and was reeling him in and I could tell that it was at least the size of a small school bus!!!!……and then he got the line wrapped around something so we had to break the line….haha But there was one rainbow trout caught that day and it was by the member that took us. He gave it to us and we cooked it on Tuesday when we didn’t have a meal. It was pretty good!

Yesterday was fast Sunday and I was fasting that we could find someone that was prepared to be taught. We went to church and got to talk to the Primary kids and then got to teach a class of 14 to 17 year olds…they were really obnoxious but the lesson ended up turning out well. Anyways, in our second ward that we went to there was someone there that had a nonmember friend with them! He was around 12 or 13 I think but I’m excited to see if we can teach him in the near future! We are going to stop by the member that he came with today and see what the story is there. But yeah, I took it as an answer to my fast and hope that it goes somewhere!

I did get the pictures of you guys carving pumpkins!!! and no mom, I’m pretty sure that it’s not against the rules. It was the bishop’s wife in Medicine Hat that was always texting you pictures before and they would obey the rules:) Anyways, it looked like so much fun! Also, it was a tongan family that we were eating with and they said that Mahina means “moon”. So that’s what you should call Devin now. ha

I am so jealous of that Halloween party!!! I love fog machines!!!! I bet that it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to join in Halloween activities again someday:)
That’s a bummer for Connor!!! Tell him to keep his head up and tear it up in basketball!
That’s also a heart breaker to hear about Jessie’s team!! It sounds so similar to last year but totally ended the opposite! But I’m glad that they made it so far and I’m sure that she’ll be getting some offers soon:) I wish I could have been there!

I’m excited to see more pictures of the house! I love you mom! And the rest of the family!


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