My dearest family,

Where do I begin…..I’m glad you got my package! It was packed with love and a lot of thought as to how much of each type of candy that I should include!haha If you guys want any more of anything then just let me know and I’ll make sure to get another package sent down there. There’s usually quite a few people that we can find that make the trip between the two places. So just let me know if you guys are craving some more of anything!

Also….this was a really good week for missionary work! We had a mission tour on Friday and Elder Evans of the 70 came and talked to us. He was a really good speaker and gave a lot of good counsel on how to do missionary work and increase our finding efforts. I really enjoyed all of his advice to us and it gave me a lot of revelation of ways to improve in my own life and how to improve our area!

So we did meet with that couple that I talked about and it went really well! They really enjoyed the lesson in church on eternal marriage and she loves the temples. She’s been to temple square and to the Calgary open house with her boyfriend. We got to know them better and he talked about his mission a lot with us. We offered for her to start taking the lessons towards the end of it all and she agreed and her boyfriend has headed out of town to work in Houston for a month. We are trying to have a lesson with her on Saturday and hopefully it happens! She’s finishing up finals right now so things are kind of hecktic in that aspect of her life but I’m excited to start teaching her!

We also were told to stop by a man that would like for his girlfriend to start taking the lessons. He’s less active and has a smoking problem. He was on the doorstep smoking when we pulled up and we were a little surprised/unsure if we were at the right house. Then we got out of the car and he invited us in and he is a very sincere and nice man. He wants to stop his smoking habit and become worthy to take the sacrament again and get the higher priesthood and then end up in the temple with this girl one day. We didn’t meet her that night because she was sleeping but he says that she’s interested and we will meet with them on Tuesday! I’m excited to help him turn his life around and also to teach his girlfriend. They’re supposed to be getting married in Mexico right after the new year, so that’s exciting as well! He opened up a lot though and really wants to quit smoking and get back in shape. We chatted for a while and then he asked if I would give him a blessing. It was a great experience and was definitely one of those blessings where I didn’t even have to think about what I was saying but the words were coming out and it was very powerful.

But yeah, life is good!

I don’t have my camera on me right now but hopefully it’s alright if I send some pictures next week. I hope it won’t be too late!

I’m so happy to hear that the family is doing well!

Trav emailed me the details on his situation and I’m on your side of things mom:) (obviously) haha And you say he doesn’t want to bring her around because he’s afraid you’ll be mean to her….haha That’s so interesting…..
I’m excited to see how Aust likes this new job and just to see everyone on Christmas over Skype!

I hope that Conman can enjoy basketball this year. I do know that it’s hard when your put in certain circumstances…but just play hard and enjoy it for what it’s worth I guess!

Jessie Jessie Jessie…the drama of a teenage girl has got to be one of the most predictable and frustrating things to overcome in this life. BUT it sounds like Jess has got her head on straight and knows what she wants from life. That’s very comforting to hear. I’m sure she’ll make it out of highschool and these “troubles” just fine. She’s a very smart girl!

I hope that you and dad are still doing okay. It sounds like you are but I can’t emphasize enough that I really do love and am thankful for you two. I pray daily that you and the family will be safe and can feel my love for you and also the Savior’s.

Elder J


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