Hi mom!

So I don’t know why but I picked up a really random stomach bug this morning and threw up and now it has me feeling like crap while writing to you….but I will survive!

The work went well this week. We did pick up that new investigator that I told you about and the lesson went alright…you’ll have to ask Trav about how it went because I told him in his email.

We taught the girlfriend of the other less active that we’ve found and it went REALLY well. She is super sincere and going into things the right way. She also came to church even though she thought she wasn’t going to because she needed to study for finals. I promised her that she would do better on her finals if she came to at least the sacrament and so she did and loved it! We should teach her again this week and it’ll be good for her boyfriend to get back and attend the lessons on the 26th. Hopefully I’m still in this area then because we have transfers on the 19th…

It’s pretty cold here but nothing too unbearable. I feel like my tolerance for it builds up each week and I should probably wear my coat more often.

That’s good that Jess is doing better in her job and that Connor is finding joy in basketball. It’s a funny coincidence that I don’t feel well at the time of you mentioning how I didn’t feel well last year when you built gingerbread houses. I’m sure that you guys will have a great time!

I hope you have a great week!

Love Colb
DSCF0591 DSCF0581 DSCF0540


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