Good News!!!

I do feel better than last week. It only ended up being a 24 hour type of a bug and then I felt fine. My companion is sick now though, so cross your fingers that I don’t get it!!! I really wish there were exceptions to being around each other 24/7 in situations like this!!!

So it’s transfer week and………….drum roll please…………..I’m staying here in Lethbridge for at least another transfer! I’m so happy!!!!!!!! We’ve got such great things going on right now and I’m excited for the future!!!………by the way, I don’t wear that brown coat around, so don’t worry mom:)

I’m thinking that we’ll skype at about 10 in the morning on Christmas…but I’ll message you if it’s any different!!! Does that time work for you guys?

So……..for the area……it’s going great!!! Tara…(that guy’s girlfriend) is on date for the 9th of February!!!! We had dinner and a lesson with her at a member’s home and the whole experience was unreal. First of all…the member’s home that we ate at was absolutely gorgeous!! It was very big and open and had a stair case in the center that was the focal point of the house and it spiraled downward like it was beauty and the beast or something! We had a great roast beef dinner and then had a lesson on the plan of salvation afterwards…It was probably the best lesson I’ve had on the mission so far. The members had great input and totally helped with the lesson (which sometimes isn’t always the case….bless their hearts) and Tara was very understanding and is very sincere and the perfect type of investigator! She agreed to baptism as we talked about it in what we should do to find happiness in this life and how to return to our Heavenly Father. It was all very positive and there were no negative reactions to anything we taught. And why would there be!! The gospel (particularly the plan of salvation) is such a beautiful and happy knowledge that we have in these Latter Days!!! The only reason it is accepted negatively is usually because people don’t have enough faith in this beautiful plan that our Heavenly Father has for us and that Jesus Christ is so central to and so they don’t want to make the changes that bring them true happiness in this life. I always pray that I can be the most effective teacher for these people in Canada so that they can come to an understanding for themselves of the truthfulness of our message. It truly is a great time to be a missionary! We also taught Tara yesterday in greater detail about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she completely agreed with everything and is excited that she knows HOW to repent now!

We also picked up a new investigator this week named…Colby!! He is 20 and has a less active girlfriend that he has a 9 month old baby with. He has been being “poached” (taught by missionaries that aren’t in his area) that last couple of months but was finally passed off to us because he lives in our area! He and his girlfriend want to get married at the beginning of the year and he wants to be baptized. We’re having some struggles with him having been taught and assimilated to a ward that he can’t be baptized in by the other elders but I think we can get over that. He can only text and we haven’t been able to get a hold of him since our lesson with him….but I think it’ll work out!!!

One of our ward Christmas parties was this week and it was unreal!! It was really well put together and very spiritual and cute and happy! The primary kids acted out the nativity scene and there was a cool slide show of some activities the ward had done that year set to Christmas music and a really good song set to the bible videos of Christ that are on It really is amazing how much I feel a part of these wards that I serve in and how much love I have for the families within them. Some of the kids in these wards are so dang cute and make me smile when I see them and the funny things they do! It makes me miss Aspyn so much!! But I’m so excited to see her on Skype!

Bowl week!!! I’ve been thinking about it a tiny bit this week because I miss the bowl gifts!haha How is the camcorder holding up by the way? I’d imagine that you’re loving it for filming Jessie’s games mom:) I hope that Aspyn doesn’t cry too much and that Austen and Kels have fun!

I was also really impressed with the web page for the business!! It looks so official!! It made me want some of our meat soooo bad!!! I really miss our meat….Everyone brags about “Alberta Beef” up here…..but it seriously doesn’t even compare to our meat. Part of it has been that people don’t know how to cook steak a lot of the time and the biggest part is just that the texture and taste doesn’t even come close to ours. So I think you should be confident in knowing that no one in Canada has provided a better quality of meat yet:) but I really don’t think anyone will.

I love you all and am excited for Christmas! Let me know if that time doesn’t work! Otherwise I’ll plan on seeing you then!


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