It’s tough to find words to respond this week. I am deeply sad to hear about what happened this week. I really don’t know what to say because I know that everyone has to go through their pains and difficulties from it. I will be praying intensly for everyone in the family and don’t know anything else that I can do at this point to help. It is definitely an event that has inspired me to spread the message of the Gospel more aggressively and with more love. I am so grateful for the message of the Gospel and for the reality of a living Savior who is central to our entire existence. I’m so grateful that the Savior and Redeemer of the world has suffered personally for each of our pains and afflictions and knows how to perfectly succor us in our times of need. I am deeply thankful for Christ’s atonement which has had power throughout all time. I know that our Savior is full of love and wants nothing more than for us to be happy in this life. He truly is the only way to be healed from our infirmities that inevitably will happen for our growth. It is so painful to know what has happened and I can’t imagine the inner turmoil that is occurring in everyone back home. I can only say that I know Jesus Christ and his atonement are the perfect steps to regaining peace and comfort in everyone’s lives. There is no greater time to turn to the scriptures and the counsel of prophets both anciently and in modern days. I love all of you and wish the best for Boyd and Nicole and everyone else closely involved. I know that they will see Carson again with a perfect body and with a fulness of joy in the presence of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Hope and peace should be counted on in the upcoming days and months as the Savior is relied on heavily.

My week was okay. Akelio will have to have here baptismal date moved back at least a week because she couldn’t come to church this week and wants to learn more. I have faith that she’ll be ready by the end of next week.

We also met with Paul (schyzophrenic) and he is going to go on a church tour this Thursday which is great. He is really hung up on the idea of tithing right now though and he we also need to teach him word of wisdom…which involves tea that we know he’s drinking. His accountabiltity just with his reliance on the support of his family and the stability he has to have in his daily routine in order to stay physically and mentally stable has caused me to realize that he isn’t self sustained enough to really be FULLY accountable and will have help in the next life. I do think that we can help him and hopefully give him peace in this life and make him available to the blessings of being a member of the church and being baptized.

Tara came to church but is still waiting on the decision of whether or not her boyfriend will step up and marry her…She’ll be baptized it’s just a matter of when. I wish that they wouldn’t postpone the blessings of living all of the commandments and just get married!

It snowed a lot this week and we got to shovel a lot of driveways and make a lot of people happy! I plan on making meat loaf today! haha I know it probably won’t be as good as yours mom but I’m excited at least! My brain drawing a blank for anything else to say.

I love you all so much!


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