Hello mom!

It sounds like last week was very spiritual and beneficial for many people. I was able to get the talk from Tom and listen to it and I was very touched. He clearly is a man with a sound understanding of the gospel and a very powerful priesthood holder. I can only imagine that the other talks were just as powerful and filled with love and doctrine. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such great men and examples in the gospel. I hope that I can become as strong as dad and my brothers, cousins, uncles and grandfathers who are such great examples to me. Thank you for sharing the missionary work that has come from this event. I know that the Lord has righteous purposes in how Carson’s life was lived and some of those are being seen already.

So this week was alright. We got dropped by Paul today because his family didn’t support him. But I am thankful for the work that we were able to do with him.

We heard from a fellowshipper today that our investigator Akelio is on the verge of dropping us. She apparently wants to choose her own date for baptism and doesn’t want to feel pressured for a certain day….which is just satan at work. I have faith that she’ll keep progressing but it’s going to be a lot slower than we thought with the language barrier and everything. She also has the 2 month old baby that cries non stop and allows her to have little sleep. So most of her thoughts are logically consumed by her child and the rest of her family. Without a husband in the picture it makes things really hard on her to run the whole house hold. So the timing of things with her are good but bad at the same time. And church got switched from 11 to 9…which is hard for any member of the church to get up for…let alone a single investigator with 4 kids and a new born. Hopefully things will progress again!

We taught a couple the other day and they seemed golden. They are a newly wed young couple who had a religious background and had lots of questions. We taught them about the restoration and……they want physical proof of events in the Book of Mormon in order to believe. We tried to explain that physical proof wouldn’t give them a testimony but that spiritual confirmations are how they would gain that. We left them with the best proof we could think of which included taking the challenge in Alma 32 and praying about it. We’ll see what happens!

Missionary work is going well though! We’re teaching that girl from the University basketball team this week and I have high hopes for her!

Thanks for letting me know how everything is going at home! I love you!



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