Every little thing, is gonna be alright….


haha I love how you made it sound like you hoped we had one good thing happen this week mom! I re-read my letter I sent from last week though and I guess it did seem like a pretty cruddy week. But good things are happening so don’t worry!

We were contacted by a former investigator this week and she is pretty set on turning her life around and getting baptized! She needs to overcome smoking but she is going to her doctor to get a prescription that helps. We taught her the restoration on Saturday and invited her to be baptized on the 9th of February and she accepted! She was a bit tenative, mainly because she wants to quit smoking, but I have faith that with the friendship of ward members and her conviction to quit that it’s very possible. We often have to explain to people that we invite them to do things like baptism sooner than later because it is Satan who wants us to put things off and never get around to them. She agreed with that and she came to church yesterday! We meet with her on Wednesday and will continue to teach her. She’s had all the lessons but they were about a year ago, so we’re having to refresh things in her mind and strengthen her faith. I’m excited to continue working with her!

Other than that, we were able to have some great success with some less active members and had some come to church. We also may have had an interesting experience last P-Day at the super store…..I feel like it’s one that I should save for when I’m home but I’ll share it any way to lighten things up:) So we were shopping for the week and I had picked up some bread when we first started. The more I thought about it as we got other items I realized that I wouldn’t be able to afford it/ I didn’t want it anymore. So we headed back to where I got the bread and were walking through the fresh produce section when a native american man called me over. He then ushered over my companion. Initially I was thinking that he might want to pay for our food or something….boy was I wrong. He proceeded to tell us in hushed tones how he had been a branch ward mission leader for 4 years and a ward clerk for 2. This was his way of letting us know that he was aware of who we are and that he’s “normal” I guess. So anyways, he continued to tell us how he has this temptation that has come into his life in the form of a younger woman and that he’s been married for 26 years. He elaborated on the whole situation which I won’t go into details about but eventually came to the point that he needed a blessing. Now in both my companion and my mind we were thinking that we would have to tell him that we couldn’t do one right then but could get his address and have the missionaries in his area give him a blessing. He then proceeded to look around and say that he knew that God could hear us anywhere and that he could bless us anywhere. I said “I agree, but it might be against some local by-laws to do that in here”…..He proceeded to insist that we give him a blessing right then and there….At this point I was hoping that my companion would be to stubborn to give in but the man then asked Elder Cook to put his hand on my shoulder. Elder Cook hesitated but the man asked again more aggressively….so Elder Cook put slowly put his hand on my shoulder…at this point I was thinking “oh crap…” but it was too late! I quickly asked the man what his full name was and put my hand on his shoulder. We then stood there in our awkward half circle that we had formed and I gave the man a very quick blessing with the potatoes and carrots and other fresh produce as witnesses…oh yeah, and anyone in the massive store that saw us out in the open clearly visible….We then quickly went through self check out and got the heck out of there! haha Only on the mission….:)

In other news, we went Curling last week! It was so much fun! We’re going this week too! I’m actually pretty good….the old people in all the other lanes were probably pretty bugged judging there facial expressions as they watched and heard us loud ameteurs playing….these old people take their curling seriously here in Canada! Anyways, it’s pretty much a life size game of shuffle board and I always was good at beating Austen on the shuffle board in the locker room:)

I’m happy to hear that everyone is doing well at home! thanks for the updates!


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