I done seen about everything, when I see an elephant fly…

So…..News News and more News…

Let’s start with the most current stuff. I am staying in this area for at least another transfer……………and I’m training. I also am going up to district leader! So pretty fun stuff! I’m excited to set this missionary on the right track for the mission and partially his life! He’ll definitely have to get used to working hard but having fun every day too! It’s going to be great!

So…I don’t know if you guys heard anything about a missing man in Lethbridge on the news this week but he was from one of our wards. I was on exchanges with the district leader when one of our bishops texted us and asked if we could help them search. He had left for work the day previous at 7:30 am and didn’t show up. His car was then found in Calgary 2 hours away at 11 am with the window smashed in and his wallet and keys inside. So he had been missing for a day when we started the search. We gathered at a church and got assigned areas to search and how to properly comb the land. Me and the former district leader got sent out to the middle of no where and were looking under bridges, in fields and ditches and any where else that seemed suspicious…..and found nothing. We also talked to farmers and asked if they would search their property for him. I think they were shocked when they saw the tags and we didn’t bring up religion. ha So then we went back into town after we had completed searching our area and got a new area in town. We were pretty much assigned to look in dumpsters and behind gas stations and stores…once again, nothing. We were looking for a needle in a hay stack because there’s so much land between here and Calgary. He ended up being found the next day alive though! Haven’t heard the details of what happened yet though! Oh yeah, I think I was on tv! The news was there and scanned over the foyer when the search party was receiving instructions and a member says that he saw me. we were in our service clothes so maybe you could find the clip on youtube or somewhere!

I REALLY like the idea of you guys adding lamb to the meat business. I honestly got a really great feeling when you brought it up and think it would be a really good addition to the business. It’s funny because I was having a trip down memory lane the other day when we saw an old video in the church library called “Feed my Sheep” where two kids have to feed hundreds of bummer lambs over a summer. It brought back so many memories! Lamb tastes SO good!! So I’m on board.

I love you all so much!
Elder Jorgensen


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