Take on me….take me on, I’ll be gone in a day or two………..Gotta love the 80’s

What a good week!!!!!!!!!!!!! So first of all…..I’ve found a carriage that you can send the meat up with! His name is Dale Nielsen and he’s super sweet. He’s taking his sons down to Utah to watch a round of the basketball playoffs. So he goes down this week or next week and would be happy to pick up the cooler!

So….we picked up 2 more new investigators this week and they came to church with us yesterday and loved it. They’re a native family and they’re very sincere and actually approached the missionaries to be taught. They live in our area, so we went and talked to them and taught about the book of Mormon and church and they love it! They want God in their lives and really enjoy the message that we have to share with them. I’m excited to keep teaching them! We meet again Wednesday!

We also taught Erv that we told you about last week and that went really well. He’s progressing and continuing to think deeply about the message and the concepts of the Gospel that we are teaching. He is very intelligent and loves reading! So he had read the pamphlets on the restoration and the plan of salvation and the plan of salvation really stuck out to him. We began teaching him about that and it was amazing to see the light in his eyes when we elaborated on the Pre Earth life because it was completely new to him. He didn’t come to church but will soon. He also said that he would give the closing prayer in a lesson when I beat him in an arm wrestle..hopefully the spirit prompts him to next lesson….but if not then I’ll do what I can:)

We taught Deanna this week as well and were able to have a very spiritual and emotional lesson. Concerns were brought up and we did our best to resolve them and will continue to. She’s progressing and is SO sincere it’s unreal! I love the missionary work that we have right now! 4 investigators at church this week!

Stuff at home sounds great! I’m so continually grateful for you supporting me out on the mission.

Tell Connor and Jessie to keep tearing it up! That’s so sad that Coach V went to Bingham. I love that guy so much. but I’m sure their program will greatly benefit and continue to flourish from that.

I love this Gospel and love the privilege I have to share it! Me and my companion gave talks in church this Sunday that went really well. I related some farm stories to the gospel and it was fun to take that trip down memory lane and be able to realize the principles that dad subconsciously taught us growing up.

I love you all so much! Please contact the Dale to arrange that exchange! thank you!


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