20 years old!!!! When did that happen!?!!

Colby meat
Thank you SO much for the meat!!!!!! I got it yesterday from the Nielsens and it made my day!!!!! I’m so so so excited to chow down! I’m afraid the dry ice was pretty much gone…so I couldn’t do anything with it…but thanks for the idea:) They were a little bummed that they didn’t get to see you in person but said that you sound like a great lady over the phone mom:) I assured them that you are:)

Yesterday was a great pre birthday Sunday! We gave another talk in our other ward and then had lunch with Bishop Hall, his family and Deanna after church. And Tara and her boyfriend came over! They made me cheese cake like you had told them and it was a really good time.

Then we had dinner with Tara and her boyfriend and we ate tuna that they had caught a few weeks earlier in Mexico….SO good! One of them had been marinated and seared quickly on both sides…it’s called Ahi tuna…you’ve probably seen it on tv or had it.. it looks just raw and red in the middle but was SO dang good! Then they cooked some of it in mango sauce and some in a lemon crunch batter…So Good! They also are moving along with marriage plans! So Exciting!

We taught Erv this week and continue to build a better relationship with him and see him progress int he Gospel. We taught the Plan of Salvation and continue to give him more comfort and confidence in where his wife is and how he can be with her again. We focused on teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it is an unchanging plan that if we live then we’ll always be the happiest and be able to make it to the celestial kingdom. He then agreed to be baptized on the 20th of April! Great stuff!

Missionary work is going great out here! I love it!

I’m sorry to hear about Austen’s shoulder…I’ve been talking to him about it.

I’m glad to hear Connor and Jessie are doing so well in their respective sports!

I hope the business continues to blossom and keep it and the family in my prayers!
I love you all!


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