“Could I have some more turkish delight please?”

“NOOO!!!!!!!!!!….no….no….Next time…NEXT TIME!!!!”…..Chronicles of Narnia…1960 version

Hello! Life is so amazing out here in Canada right now! I don’t know if it’s just this nice weather that’s tricking me into this feeling of euphoria or if it really is this great! Either way, I love it! I love you all so much back at home!

So as for the meat you sent……DELICIOUS! We ate the filets on Sunday with Tara and her boyfriend and everyone LOVED them! They seriously were so impressed. They were talking about some really famous restaurant that costs like 100 bucks per plate of steak and that these steaks were the closest ones to those. They were super tender and tasty! It helped that Tara’s boyfriend cooked them perfectly! We had some twice baked potatoes and asparagus wrapped in prishuto (however you spell that type of meat). Anyways, it was a delicious meal all around and they were so impressed by the steaks and were so grateful that I shared them with them. We had a really good time that evening and I just love them so much!

We weren’t able to meet with Erv this week but we meet with him today. Everything should be fine, he’s just been sick and stuff…so we’ll talk to him today and see how things are going!

Deanna went home to Idaho for the week and was going to fast and pray about April 20th for baptism and tell her family about her progress in taking the lessons. We were able to have a REALLY good lesson with her about the purpose and blessings of having the Spirit in our lives last week before she left. We meet with her tomorrow and I’m excited to see how she’s feeling!

The area continues to go great and I honestly couldn’t be happier right now. I love the beautiful spring weather, mission life has become normal and I’m finding purpose and fulfillment in the work I’m doing out here. I love the Canadian people and I will be very sad to leave this area at the end of April (assumably)…but once again, I have a strong feeling of hope and happiness for what the future and new areas, companions, members and investigators will bring!

I’m also SUPER excited for conference this weekend! It honestly is the best thing since sliced bread out here on the mission! I can’t wait to be instructed, uplifted and renewed spiritually by the words of the apostles and our prophet!!!!!

I wasn’t able to talk to Aust this week but I’m glad that he’s back on the mend with his shoulder!

I’m glad to hear that everyone else is doing so well and I really hope that everyone can stay healthy with the absence of CHIP now! I hope that you and dad are holding up well and that you really get to soak in general conference this week and enjoy it fully!

Love, Elder J


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