Do you believe in life after love! I can feel something inside me say, I really don’t think you’re strong enough no! Oh Cher….:)

DSCF0902Colby filet mignon(1)3/4 lb. burger

Conference… event to happen twice a year….hands down! We were able to watch all of the sessions of conference but sadly not the sessions in between.

Great week overall though! Erv met with us once and we were able to resolve a lot of his concerns and continue to prepare him for baptism on the 20th.

I also learned something important this week…..Charcoal is tough to cook on!!!! …but I was able to master it:) I also learned to just get the self lighting charcoal because the other stuff takes A LOT of lighter fluid….Anyways, just grillin and teachin the gospel here in Canada. Life’s great!

The weather was colder this week and we got snow last night. It’s still nice outside though and isn’t bitterly cold. I’m excited for spring though!

18 year old missionaries….we got a few in the last transfer! We only have one in our district. He’s adjusting but the maturity level is definitely something that’s different to work with. We’ll see how he and the other 18 year olds continue to assimilate to the new life!

I’m glad to hear that everyone’s alive and well at home!…minus Austen’s injury….but for the most part it sounds good!

I did cook the last filet this week and…..melt in your mouth good. BEST birthday present ever.

Love you all!


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