When the lights go down in the city, and the sun shines on the bay…….good old Journey.

(I promise I’m not listening to this music on the mission but the lack of music has my brain shorting and recalling random songs:)) haha

Soooooooooooooooo………. good things up here in the frozen north this week!!!!!

First of all, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be transferred next wednesday from this area. I have grown to love this area and the people I’ve met within it so much and it’ll be sad to leave but exciting at the same time. I would like to go to British Columbia and Calgary at some point in the mission. I don’t want to say that I’m wishing for it because then it won’t come true but I’d like to see those places at some point. I think it’s pretty generally accepted that missionaries want to go out to BC at some point just to experience the scenery and mountains though.

We got a big dump of snow yesterday and it’s still coming down a little bit right now. It should be melted by the middle to end of the week though. It’s supposed to get up to around 20 degrees celcius this week I think. Good old southern Alberta! The famous saying around here is “If you don’t like the weather then wait 5 minutes!” haha

It was a really good week like I mentioned earlier. We were able to meet with Deanna and Erv several times and continue to help them progress towards baptism. Both of their baptisms are scheduled for this Saturday and they’re going to be sweet! The bishop’s in both of our wards will be performing the baptisms and I have been asked to confirm and give the holy ghost to both of them! I’m excited to have that experience again! Nothing better than having the spirit direct you in blessings and other aspects of life!

I’m excited to hear how things go with Aust this year and the football season. Sounds like it could be interesting! I hope that his knee and shoulder will be feeling better soon!

It sounds like Jess is so dang close to getting a scholarship! She just needs to get one out there to tip over the dominoes that leads to the avalanche of offers! As soon as schools see that she’s been offered then they instantly gain more interest. anyways, it sounds like dad had a good meeting and that things will work out for her.

Connor sounds like a little stud! Tell him to keep up the good work! I’ve been hitting the volleyball around with some missionaries on p-days and I think you’d be impressed with my progress in that sport! haha

I am continually happy for your birthday present. I have to say that the ribeye is probably my favorite cut of meat that I’ve had from the package! It was sooooo tender and has a REALLY good flavor. thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!!

I love you all and look forward to the mothers day conversation when I’ll be in a new area assumably!


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