“When I get where I’m going, On the far side of the sky,

the first thing that I’m gonna do Is spread my wings and fly. I’m gonna land beside a lion and run my fingers through his mane, or I might find out what it’s like to ride a drop of rain.”

I guess I chose this lyric today (from Brad Paisley) because it’s the only lyric that I could dig from my memory at this time that involves rain…..and it’s a REALLY good song. Very religious. But yeah, RAIN has been the story of my life this last week! Overcast skies and lots of moisture! It’s been good…but I’m glad that the sun is out and shining today!!!

Our investigator Ruth is still doing amazing and is progressing in her knowledge of the gospel daily. It’s been a lot of fun to teach her and see her eyes light up with each bit of new information that resonates with her. We continued to teach her the commandments this week and helped her understand how God answers our prayers. The visual resources that we have are such a blessing in this day and age! This generation of people is so much more enticed by audio visual and brief, powerful messages. We are able to use Mormon messages that we have on dvd to back up our teachings and make it more visual for those we are teaching. It also gives people the opportunity to hear from and see living apostles and our beloved prophet giving us relevant guidance in these latter days. We are able to use Elder Bednar’s three part Mormon message on “patterns of light” which helps people to understand the very basics of revelation and how God speaks to us. Anyways, she’s doing great!

We ran into a Native man outside the liquor store this week and had a good little convo with him. He mentioned how he was devoted to finding religion on that day and that when he saw us walking towards him that we were an answer to his search. He seemed sincere and sober at the time….but when we tried to visit with him the next day he didn’t answer his phone and his address was faulty….gotta love the natives around here:)

I had one of those experiences this week where you learn best by your mistakes…..I can honestly say that I NEVER want it to happen again….I really am embarrassed to even tell you about it…..It’s probably one of the stupidest things that I’ve done on my mission so far!!!!!…….Are you nervous yet? good:)

So I was being a genius this week (seriously) and was turning our washroom into a steam room for my suits. I hung them up on the curtain rod and had the shower on hot for 15 minutes, shut it off and closed the door. I also had done a load of whites and the vent to our drier goes directly into our washroom! So I had the drier going at the same time to add to the heat and humidity! I went to bed and thought that everything would be great in the morning….I was PARTIALLY right. I went in the washroom and was amazed to see how great my suits looked!…then I opened the drier to get a white shirt…and it looked like Aspyn had some how gotten a hold of my shirts and drawn all over them with pen!!!!…Then I realized that I had left my good pen in the pocket of one of my shirts….ALL of my shirts were covered in pen marks….I’ve done my best to fix them…I’m glad that I had this trial to learn to always check your pockets before putting things in the washer and drier:)

Thanks for all the pics and updates! I love when you send pics! LOVE it!!!!!


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