Mcdonalds, Mcdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut!

Thanks for resending that mom. I guess it just doesn’t work sometimes but I’m glad that I was able to read about the family this week! Just to start off, I wanted to inform you of a possible wish list (if we can afford it and if you want to). The first thing doesn’t cost any money but I’ve been craving it and was wondering if you could send a cheese cake recipe? Pretty please! I remember there was one that you made that was SO good! A member couple took us out to a REALLY nice restaurant this week that was super good….and expensive…but they insisted!ha But we ordered cheesecake for desert and I definitely have been missing it. So if you could send a recipe then that would be great. And the next idea I had was for my birthday coming up. I don’t know if you were planning on sending anything but the most best ever present I can think of would be…..BEEF!!! The couple that dropped the package off to you guys that had the Canadian candy and the Christmas book in it are coming up to Canada in 2 weeks! And they live in Provo. So my most ideal wish list of something to ever happen would be that you guys “accidentally” drop some steaks or roast or something (preferably not just hamburger) so that you couldn’t sell them and then put them in a cooler and send it up with that family! Free shipping and handling! If we can’t afford it then don’t worry about it but it was just a thought that I had pop into my head! I miss our meat! Anyways,

So this week was pretty average. It was a great week, don’t get me wrong but nothing that I can think of as being a “write home about” story. We’ve been teaching an 8 year old child of record to get ready for baptism and will be meeting with Deanna this week. I guess things went well with her talking to her family so hopefully we’ll be able to continue helping her progress!

Where is Matt headed on his mission by the way?

The website looks SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! Seriously! It really looks professional and has a lot of character to it. I love the pictures of grandpa and dad as a kid and everything. I’ve seen them before but never realized how great they would look for a selling point or anything! I really hope that everything works out with the new approaches that you’re using for selling and everything!

Thank you so much for your continued love and support!


Can you feel the love tonight…..only the way Elton John sings it…

Well hey there. What a week in Canada!

We were able to have our baptism for Rachael this weekend! It went SO incredibly well! I’m pretty paranoid when it comes to time management and not letting things go too long. I hate when baptismal services turn into a big ramble fest where the speakers start giving stories from the 40’s when they were baptized and stuff…so I made sure that the speakers were good and that they understood to keep their talks to a short time frame of 5 to 7 minutes….And they did AMAZING! It was such a spiritual baptismal service and Rachael even teared up during it an she had some non member friends come from 45 minutes away to see it. they’re out of our area so we don’t get to teach them but I could tell that they really enjoyed the service and felt the spirit. While the bishop and Rachael were getting changed after the baptism I played the mormon message on the atonement of Jesus Christ lifting burdens. I then talked a little bit about the reality of a living savior who set the perfect example for us by being baptized by priesthood authority and how great it was to see Rachael follow in his footsteps. Then I had us sing I need thee every hour until they came out. The service was so good overall! Then we had some interesting road blocks placed by the advesary for the confirmation and Holy Ghost the next day… The power went out in our 9 o clock ward and so after the sacrament meeting there we were all dismissed to go home. Rachael’s ward starts at 11 and we headed over there to see what was going on. The power was out and the emergency back up lights had gone out too so we couldn’t even have sacrament in the dark like we did in the other ward. The ward mission leader found us and said that church probably wasn’t going to happen that day and I was stressin in my mind! We would then run into the dillema that converts are supposed to be confirmed and given the holy ghost in front of the congregation but we didn’t want to wait an entire week and have a half baptized person walking around and subject to temptation more than ever! So I was pretty worried about what we were going to do and then……the lights came on ten minutes before sacrament started! So it all worked out! Everyone showed up a tiny bit late and then I was able to confirm Rachael and give her the Holy Ghost! It was a really good experience and I’m so happy for the changes she’s made in her life to get to this point!

So other than that it was a pretty normal week! It sounds like you and dad had a great time in Vegas! I’m glad that you two were able to get away and have some time to yourselves!

I hope that Jess keeps up the good work and gets a scholarship offer this year! You may have been able to pay for her 2nd degree education with the money being put into her getting a scholarship but that’s okay!hahaha

Kelsie has been sending pictures of Aspyn and she is the cutest little girl! That’s so funny that she growls and does that with her arms now! I can’t wait to see her in person!

I love you guys so much!

I done seen about everything, when I see an elephant fly…

So…..News News and more News…

Let’s start with the most current stuff. I am staying in this area for at least another transfer……………and I’m training. I also am going up to district leader! So pretty fun stuff! I’m excited to set this missionary on the right track for the mission and partially his life! He’ll definitely have to get used to working hard but having fun every day too! It’s going to be great!

So…I don’t know if you guys heard anything about a missing man in Lethbridge on the news this week but he was from one of our wards. I was on exchanges with the district leader when one of our bishops texted us and asked if we could help them search. He had left for work the day previous at 7:30 am and didn’t show up. His car was then found in Calgary 2 hours away at 11 am with the window smashed in and his wallet and keys inside. So he had been missing for a day when we started the search. We gathered at a church and got assigned areas to search and how to properly comb the land. Me and the former district leader got sent out to the middle of no where and were looking under bridges, in fields and ditches and any where else that seemed suspicious…..and found nothing. We also talked to farmers and asked if they would search their property for him. I think they were shocked when they saw the tags and we didn’t bring up religion. ha So then we went back into town after we had completed searching our area and got a new area in town. We were pretty much assigned to look in dumpsters and behind gas stations and stores…once again, nothing. We were looking for a needle in a hay stack because there’s so much land between here and Calgary. He ended up being found the next day alive though! Haven’t heard the details of what happened yet though! Oh yeah, I think I was on tv! The news was there and scanned over the foyer when the search party was receiving instructions and a member says that he saw me. we were in our service clothes so maybe you could find the clip on youtube or somewhere!

I REALLY like the idea of you guys adding lamb to the meat business. I honestly got a really great feeling when you brought it up and think it would be a really good addition to the business. It’s funny because I was having a trip down memory lane the other day when we saw an old video in the church library called “Feed my Sheep” where two kids have to feed hundreds of bummer lambs over a summer. It brought back so many memories! Lamb tastes SO good!! So I’m on board.

I love you all so much!
Elder Jorgensen