What a transfer! What a week! What a month for that matter!

so….just when I thought that the mission couldn’t get any more random….

Well….I’m doing great!!! So many things have changed since I last talked to you though! I’m now in the Calgary Zone instead of the Calgary West zone…and I’m a zone leader…so yeah! Crazy times! We had to go on a 3 leg with a member of my district last week because his companion went home for a possible shoulder surgery, so we moved in with him and left the zone leaders. We were planning to stay on that 3 leg until the end of the transfer in 2 weeks and then we got a call from president on Friday. He mentioned how the zone leader in Calgary had gone home for medical reasons and that he’d like me to serve there….So here I am! I’m serving with Elder Atwood from Ohio now and life’s good!….It’s different….but it’s good! haha I hesitantly unpacked my stuff this week with the worry that I might get moved again but I think I’ll be here for at least a transfer or 2.:)

I’m currently just trying to figure out a new area…again…but I’m excited to be here! I’m in the “heart” of Calgary now. So there’s all of the tall buildings, masses of people walking around and city atmosphere. It’s stoked to be here and I’m sure that we’ll do a lot of work!

We taught an investigator last week and watched “to This End Was I Borne” with her. It was a really good lesson and she is super sincere!

I’m glad to hear that things are going so well at home. I hope Jessie can figure something out there at Utah. It sounds pretty perfect right now! No news from Aust or Kels but I’m sure they’re doing great!

I miss speed training with Dan and Loni!!!! I’m definitely going to work out there when I get home. It helps a ton. And I always gain weight there for some reason…probably from getting bigger legs!

Connor sounds like a stud! I love to hear that he’s doing so well!

I’m so excited for the new turn of the business! I hope that it all works out and the bbq is a success! I really like everything that you told me about that stuff!

But I love you all and look forward to good times here in Calgary!
P.S. the zoo was great!


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