Happy transfer week!

So the answer to your big question is YES! Rita canceled twice this week! Hurray for patience! It’s funny because she sets up the appointments and usually calls us to reschedule, so in theory she should choose times that she would be able to meet….Who knows. But we are once again set up to meet on Thursday and I have faith that we’ll meet with her!

CJ and Jeremy are back from their vacation and called. They want to meet on Friday so that’s good. It’ll be interesting because I’ll have a new companion teaching them! Weird! I’ve heard who I’m getting and apparently he’s a pretty cool kid. I’m sure we’ll get along just fine:) But yeah, this lesson will be pretty key in seeing if we drop them this week. They just haven’t been progressing and have really just been using us for service and building their basement. Don’t get me wrong, I love service but the fact that they know why we’re there and have had the lessons multiple times and don’t keep any commitments we leave in lessons or progress at all but are more than willing to continue inviting us back to work for them is not showing any signs of being effective missionary work anymore.

The corn roast is actually today! We’ve invited a TON of Inactives, Less Actives, Part Members, Potentials, Formers and Investigators! Hopefully we see some come out! It’s a pretty well known event like I’ve mentioned and we’re hoping to see lots of fresh faces out there today! The food should be great but hopefully we don’t have time to enjoy it because we’re too busy walking around talking to people and setting up appointments!!!! Should be interesting, I’ll let you know what happens next week!

So we went to the temple this last week! It was so beautiful and such a great refreshing and motivating experience. We went with the Picketts and got to witness his brother receiving his endowments and going through the temple for the first time. Such a priveledge to be a part of it. We also got to be at his sealing to his wife and to there cute little baby. It was such a spiritual experience and such a strong testimony builder for me because I’ve never been to a sealing before. It made me want a temple marriage so much more! It would be really hard to start off a relationship with a worldly marriage…even if it was on a beach or a mountain top or something:) It would be beautiful but a temple marriage brings such a stronger meaning to the relationship and understanding the Plan of Salvation and that you’ll be with those people FOREVER!! Such a comforting feeling and made me think of how much I LOVE my family and am so happy that we’ll be together forever. The Cardston temple was so beautiful and unique. It’s one of the older ones and I think one of about three that don’t have an angel Moroni on top. Loved it. Love the Picketts also. They’re amazing. We didn’t make wings by the way because of the temple trip but will sometime this next transfer.

We had a pig roast yesterday…again…much more successful this time!!! Made for a great dinner. Which reminds me of a funny connection and story. A few nights earlier we were leaving the Picketts house when the daughter pointed out to watch out for the spider in the corner of the door frame. I looked and there was a huge spider right where my face would go through the door on a big web…I screamed and jumped back. I would’ve freaked if that thing would’ve been on me. Bro. Pickett killed it and life went on. Then we found out that our dinner was a pig roast and so we went and I looked at the dead pig and said “I wonder if Wilber was killed to eat because we killed Charlotte the other night so she couldn’t write things about him like “Some Pig” or “Spectacular” or “humble”…”

Oh yeah, we’re allowed to go to the temple every six months…so that’s four times during the mission if you’re not a mathmetician!:)

Glad to hear Austen and Kelsie are surviving. The scrimmage sounds good minus that play and I hope and pray that everything works out this season for Aust. I also hope they can get some more sleep! A lack of sleep makes everyone grumpy! I’ve definitely realized that more out on the mission where sleep is in short supply!

School for Jessie and Connor….Yummy!! It’s so weird that they’re going to school cuz time moves so weird out here on the mission. We go into homes and watch people go through the excitement of summer vacations, and school getting out and school starting up again but we as missionaries continue to stay on the same schedule!! I kind of like it and I kind of don’t…it’s just interesting!!!

Trav sounds great! I just talked to him in emails!

I love you all and am being changed by the Lord everyday! This Gospel is the greatest gift we can give to others so don’t be afraid to share!

Love Colby Cheese


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